10 crimes committed with drones

The emergence of drones has revolutionized the way of filming from the air. Drones are also used successfully in other areas, whether it's shipping or military intelligence. This invention has a lot of positive for us, but in the wrong hands, drones can become a serious threat.

It is difficult even to imagine what might take a notion to criminal, having adopted such an aircraft. Now no one can guarantee the privacy of our lives, after all, curious eyes appeared such assistants as drones. And this is just the harmless that you can imagine.

Shooting ATM

All of us know that no one can transfer the data of their Bank cards, particularly PIN. You also need to be careful when withdrawing cash from an ATM, so no one can see the entered data.
But in Templepatrick in Northern Ireland near ATM has encountered the following case. People took off cash noticed nearby a buzzing drone with camera that was obviously filming ATM. Seeing the danger, bespilotnik quickly left the scene, but on the way caught a passing taxi. The owner quickly found, but to prove something are unable. However, the owner of the drone still had to pay damages for the scratched taxi.

Delivery of drugs in prison Ohio

Two friends one a prisoner in Ohio decided to give him the drugs unconventional way. The premise cleverly attached to the quadcopter, contained about 60 grams of marijuana, 7 grams of heroin and a little tobacco blend.
And here is the drone went on its short journey over the high prison walls. The package was loose and fell among the crowd of prisoners. Immediately a fight began. One inmate managed to grab a bundle and throw in another exercise yard. Riots broke out. The guards barely managed to calm the crowd of prisoners with percovich cans.
After this incident, about 200 prisoners were inspected, to locate the fallen package. Nine ringleaders of the fight was put in solitary confinement.

Delivery of weapons to the prison in Oklahoma

Another prison story with the copter happened in Oklahoma. Adopting the experience of delivery from prison in Ohio, the attackers decided to attach to the drone something more serious drugs. In the package included the phone, a hacksaw on metal, a gun with ammo, superglue, well, drugs. All of this was fixed with fishing line is that at the end I was able to easily and quickly remove the parcel.
The drone flew, but something went wrong and all the contents fell into the prison yard, again causing a fight and a riot.
The crashed drone was in the hands of the guards of the correctional institution as proof of the crime. For efficiency and professionalism, he was even awarded some staff of the prison. Who knows what would have happened if the arms quietly fell into the hands of prisoners.
It is not known whether someone is prosecuted in the case, but figured the name of some of Marcus Gilkey. Although all charges later were dropped.


Two craftsman David Latimer and Fran brown has created a drone that can hack any Wi-Fi network and connect to it. Young people themselves are employees of the Department for security company Bishop Fox. In the filling of the quadcopter is the Raspberry Pi computer. Its software is aimed at the hacker's actions not only wifi networks but also cellular communication.
Operates the camera remotely up to 1.6 kilometers. It can pick up signals from towers of mobile operators. For example, it may in motion hack any cellular network, and send them to users on phones rickrolling (Internet meme), with reference to all the boring clip of Philip Kirkorov. Again, this is the most harmless variant.
Of course, the idea of using drones for the hacker attacks is not new. But this method can minimize the chances that criminals will be caught by the hand.

Military action

We all watch the news. Reporters and then tells us about another use of drones to attack militants LIH. In Syria, the militants have begun to use drones and this threat is assessed as very serious.
After ousting ISIS from Mosul in 2017 in the city found a makeshift factories, where gathered hundreds of easy aircraft.
It is established that the militants armed with there are two kinds of drones. Some were used as carriers of bombs or grenades, others exploded themselves while unichtozhal. Their parts have been additional striking elements. Militants also launched and simple drones to shoot to get the footage from the battlefield.
Now not only ISIS, but also groups such as Jund al-Aqsa, or Ahrar Al-sham also actively use drones in his evil purposes, but so far not so well.


In 2018 in June, residents of a small village called Cambridgeshire noticed above the village of Dron, who for four consecutive days was looking for something. And as a result, after a couple of days one of the houses robbed. Of course, the incident was immediately connected with a flying drone. The thieves clearly knew where and how to enter the house. They already were known in advance, whether the owners at home or not at this time. But police failed to establish a clear link between the drone and a crime.
After this incident was followed by a wave of robberies. Hooked a huge number of police and security. It got to the point that the drones acted like a red rag to a bull. Frequent brawls between neighbours who had drones.

Flying in an enclosed space

According to the reports notebooks journals, 2018 was recorded 250 cases of violation of the closed airspace around airports. These are private drones that represent a great danger to aircraft. They can damage the motor, break a window or lining. At high speed such an impact like falling from a great height. The little piece of metal becomes a projectile that can make mischief.
Here such trouble happened with Jeff Manford, who ran his light pleasure aircraft. The drone crashed into the aircraft, damaging it, but fortunately, nothing happened. The aircraft and all passengers landed safely.
By the way, about the most reliable planes in the world we have hotshot.eu.org there is a detailed article.
Police say that the owners of the copters that fly in the restricted area, it is very difficult to punish. It's all in the legislation. There is no clear law who and what will have to be responsible in such cases. These things can get stuck in the bureaucratic cycle. Meanwhile, private mobile drones flying where they want, bringing potential danger.

Opposition fighters the FBI in the operation to free the hostages

In 2017 squad, the FBI conducted an operation to free the hostages that were in the hands of a criminal group. But the tactics of the attackers shot down all the plans of salvation. The detachment took position on the hills and evaluated for further action. Suddenly it flew a swarm of drones with cameras and lighting. Agents have been compromised and helpless.
In addition, brazen criminals broadcast all the happening in YouTube. All movements and actions of the police was known to them. Of course, law enforcement officers stormed the building, freed the hostages, but these "flying helpers" added to them unnecessary trouble.
But in Australia, the drones are actively used by the smugglers. On a cargo ship in one of the containers is transported illegal goods. Drugs or something else. Before sending all thoroughly checked. When the guard approaches the container of contraband, criminals with drone see it and cause a false alarm to be a distraction.


A couple from Utah was very scared when from the window of his bath saw a humming drone. Host John Henson immediately ran outside and began to chase camera. In the end, he landed on one of the lawns. Grabbing the drone, John called the police.
During the inspection, the police found taped to the drone beacons that are needed to manage in the dark. The videos on the camera were very interesting. On the record was a different house and the people peeping drone. It was also a lot of intimate scenes from bedrooms different houses in the neighborhood.
Curious the owner quickly found. This helped the record, which was himself and his car. Aaron's Feet were accused of voyeurism. This kind of sexual perversion, when people like to watch other couples.

Intimate photos were on billboards

In 2014, Mandy Lingard was stunned after I saw my picture on a huge Billboard. To her, half-naked in some sexy thongs sunning themselves on the lawn near the house. This so angered the 50-year-old woman that she decided to assert their rights.
The photo was taken from the air using drones for real estate agencies. The employee used the photo as an advertisement in a magazine and also put it on the Internet. Unfortunately, the responsibility for such an offense is not very strict. Everything worked fine and removal of the Billboard and pictures from the Internet.
This is not the first such case. So in 2017 the girl filmed bathing naked in the pool with a drone. And also used recording to YouTube.
But if those women were wearing beautiful underwear is considered one of the best in the world, they would not be ashamed of my spicy pictures. And the examples of the clothes see our article.

In conclusion

Modern technology has greatly simplified our lives and also brought her many interesting devices. To them can rightly be attributed to the quadcopter. But, it would seem that such a harmless thing that sometimes can give a lot of trouble. Do You know any stories associated with the use of drones for criminal purposes? Write your answers in the comments under this article.
Author: sergej1984