10 most expensive wedding rings celebrities in history

Are you going to make an offer, do you offer or have you been married? It doesn't matter, because we all love to look at wedding rings of others, estimating their approximate cost. This is especially true of wedding rings of celebrities, which are unlike to the classic ring, but a fanciful composition of precious metal and stones.

Diamonds might be best friends of girls, but, as in real life, some friendships over time, grow into something more. And while some relationships became the basis for a good marriage, others do not have even led to marriage. However, this does not detract from the value of services donated by wedding rings. We decided to show you 20 celebrities who received the most expensive wedding rings in history!
Note: not all rings are bought for US dollars, so here are the prices at the exchange rates prevailing at the time of publication (January 2019).

Ariana Grande ($88 000)

Maybe Pete and Ariana announced the breakup (although the point in history to put while early), but their short-lived love will be immortalized in a wedding ring for $88000 diamond in three carats. The actor gave the ring Arians almost immediately after the start of their whirlwind romance.

Katharine McPhee ($142 000)

The relationship of the singer with David foster threw the community into shock, but as she showed the ring, everyone just drooped jaw. Engagement ring with a diamond of five carats according to conservative estimates, costs between $90 000 and $142 000, depending on the quality of cut main stone. It is a composition of several small diamonds with a huge stone in the center. I hope their relationship will end more successfully than the previous pair.

Lala Kent ($142 000)

Randall Emmett couldn't resist not to setpolarity her own series, and also not to give Lala engagement ring while celebrating her birthday in Mexico. He gave her a ring with the main diamond in six carats and smaller stones which was paved circle. With this engagement ring is simply impossible to refuse. Well Done Randall!

Salma Hayek ($250 000)

At $17 billion, it is not surprising that a businessman Francois-Henri Pinault made the offer Salme, bringing her not the usual "punching". Instead, he chose a wedding ring oval with diamonds on the sides. The total cost of the ring is estimated at £200 000. Despite the brief breakup, the couple reunited and raising a daughter together.

Pippa Middleton ($250 000)

The younger sister of Catherine Middleton recently became a mother, giving birth to a child her husband race car driver James Matthews, who proposed to her, presenting a diamond ring four carat. Main stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, and the total cost "obruchalnoe", like Hayek, is approximately £200 000.

Lady Gaga ($383 000)

Christian Carino found the perfect ring for his bride — pink diamond of round shape (about six-seven carats) surrounded by smaller stones, three to four carats each. Delicious! I hope this relationship will lead to marriage, after all, Lady Gaga was already engaged, but then it ended with a rupture.

Jennifer Aniston ($475 000)

The fact that aniston simple taste, does not mean that her ex-husband Justin Theroux. He was "persuading" it with a diamond ring in 8 carat, total value of which reaches half a million US dollars. Unfortunately, even such a ring did not help the couple to preserve the relationship, and they divorced after two and a half years of marriage.
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Sofia Vergara ($475 000)

Joe Manganiello made this Colombian actress is perhaps the most memorable gift for Christmas — a proposal of marriage, backed up with a wedding ring with a Central diamond in four to five carats, which was surrounded by other precious stones. Less than a year (2015) the couple were married and are still happily married.

Hailey Baldwin ($475 000)

The fact that the couple is under the scrutiny of the media, does not mean that you should skimp on the engagement ring. Bieber posted the nearly half a million for the "wedding ring" for the daughter of Stephen Baldwin. In the center of the ring flaunts a huge diamond oval. Despite a relatively brief affair, the couple has managed to legalize their relationship.

Amal Clooney ($712 000)

According to reports close friends of George Clooney, the cost didn't matter, the main thing for the actor to find a ring that was perfect for his bride. He made a proposal to the British lawyer Amal about 4 years ago (then played and the wedding, which was included in the ranking of the most expensive), adding a wedding ring with "ethnic" diamond emerald cut seven carats. On the sides of the diamond are two smaller stone, successfully inserted into the ring.

Carrie Underwood ($763 000)

Favorite designer, country diva — Jonathan Arndt, so it was logical that Michael Fisher(hockey player) asked him for assistance in developing a wedding ring for his bride. The result is a ring in yellow and white coloring with diamond at 12 carats. Surely Carrie was in seventh heaven.

Khloe Kardashian ($807 000)

And let the marriage of Khloe Kardashian and basketball player Lamar Odom ended in divorce, the representative of the famous family simply must keep the engagement ring with a radiant cut, which she got from her ex as proof of "eternal" love.

Kim Kardashian ($1 239 000)

Kanye specifically collaborated with jeweler Lorraine Schwartz to create the perfect ring for a dazzling Kim. The result of their work was a piece of jewelry with a diamond in 15 carats. He later gave her a second ring with 20-carat "monster" emerald cut, which cost three times more than the first. But let's focus on the original.

Paris Hilton ($1 907 000)

"Diamond dreams" should be protected, that is why wedding ring for Paris with a diamond in 22 Karat requires round-the-clock protection. The truth is now to guard it will definitely not Chris Zylka, as the pair parted, having been in the engagement less than a year. We think by leaving the ring, the Hilton not too upset.

Ciara ($1 907 000)

Russell Wilson gave Ciara a simple (Oh, these players), but still a beautiful engagement ring. In the middle of a huge round diamond, around which "scattered" the smaller stones. Really a brilliant offer of marriage. By the way, unlike many couples on this list, Ciara and Russell are still married, and raise a daughter together.

Catherine Zeta-Jones ($2 376 000)

The account of Michael Douglas ' wedding ring with 10-carat diamond in the shape of the awning was empty almost $2.5 million, You say, only some 10 carats, and it would be wrong, because it is a work of art, made in vintage style. In any case, the ring is worth the money.
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Blake Lively ($2 298 000)

Hell, Ryan Reynolds is not only fun and beautiful, but also generous. Besides, he has excellent taste. The canadian actor gave his wife a wedding ring with 12-carat diamond oval. Pink stone simply enters into a stupor, and the ring itself is extremely gentle. Given the fact that after the series "Gossip girl" Blake is a style icon, we would not be surprised if millions of girls around the world began to demand a ring with oval precious stones.

Beyonce ($000 4 744)

This pair has become a benchmark of stellar relations for many years, and a wedding ring with emerald cut diamond in 18 Karat, which Beyonce long wore in public, was the best proof of the serious intentions of the rapper. As Carter said: "Only the best for my Queen".
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Elizabeth Taylor ($8 359 000)

Liz ring, presented to her by Richard Burton, it was just a reference: quality VS1, 33 carats, colour D, cut usher. Subsequently, this engagement ring was sold for $8.8 million Great actress got rid of the ring shortly before his death. It is noteworthy that Richard Burton was married to Taylor twice.
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Mariah Carey ($9 496 000)

Engagement Cary billionaire James Packer lasted only 7 months, however, the result was not only a broken heart of the singer, but also a wedding ring with a diamond emerald cut, 35 carat. This was a payment that $50 million that she demanded your ex after a breakup. By the way, because of depression after breaking up with billionaire Mariah gained weight, even forced her to go to surgery to reduce the stomach. That kind of love.
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