18 celebrities who admitted that she had an abortion

Abortion statistics in the world shows that every fourth pregnant woman artificially interrupted pregnancy, but not everyone talks about it even to family and friends. The reason for this ambiguous attitude to this procedure in society and the Church, in General, thinks it is infanticide.

And in the world of show business, for fear of gossip and condemnation, the stars hide, that to terminate the pregnancy. But there are those who are not afraid, and a list of celebrities who had an abortion and confessed it.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the most popular and beautiful Actresses of the twentieth century repeatedly had abortions, which were never able to have children.
In 1957, the pregnancy was ectopic and needed medical surgery to save the actress life. While working on the film, which in the Russian hire was called "In a jazz only girls", Monroe became pregnant. But again, all ended in miscarriage.
In one interview, the actress admitted that the birth in 15 years and left the child in the orphanage. But, most of all, it's a simple trick to fill the void.

Catherine Deneuve

The famous French actress, in addition to the work on screen, actively campaigned for women's rights. In 1971 Deneuve were among the 343 known women who signed the famous petition. Feminists and joined them star women demanded to legalize abortion.
By signing the document, the actress and one of the most beautiful women of France, admitted that for four years had an abortion. But admitted, how much is a abortion, except when the surgery, the doctors had to keep it a secret.
Catherine on the whole world, said that a ban on abortion violates the rights of women when the decision to terminate a pregnancy should be someone to authorize. The time was then so violent that premarital sexual relations with subsequent termination of pregnancy has become the norm.
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Alla Pugacheva

Many celebrities admit to it many years later, as happened with the Russian pop diva.
In 2012, Alla Pugacheva admitted in an interview that in the late 80-ies had an abortion. Then she was married to Eugene Boldin. It was the husband and part-time producer of the famous singer insisted on the abortion.
It happened before the tour to India, and according to own statement of the singer, not saying never.

Joan Collins

A woman, even if she is famous actress, is always a woman, and her pregnancy is planned or sudden.
At the age of 20 years, a British woman, Joan suddenly found out she was pregnant by her boyfriend, who was even younger than her for 4 years. The decision to terminate a pregnancy not long in coming, and she had an abortion. She confessed about it much later in his book.
Joan said that those who decide to give birth to, bear the responsibility for the child. At that time, as the actress confessed that neither she nor a friend of Warren Beatty wasn't enough money and the decision was correct.
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Laima Vaikule

During an interview with the magazine "Caravan of stories", which Vaikule gave in 2009, she spoke about her abortion.
The first time she made this decision on their own, but in the second interruption insisted her civil husband, the famous musician Andrey Latkovskis.
After that, the singer is no longer pregnant, and now believes that abortion is infanticide. In another interview, Lima stated that the woman is unfree in her choice to keep the baby or have an abortion.

Patricia Kaas

Famous, and even age, the singer has no children, but in an interview, said that in his youth he may know the joy of motherhood.
The decision about the abortion she took strongly, and never regretted it. At a young age a pregnancy could affect a successful career.
The profession has always stood in the first place, but because the love and the kids went by the wayside. The singer also told me that in his youth, everything looks different, and easily resolved on abortion, believing — still ahead.

Elena Yakovleva

While studying at acting school, the future star of film and TV series about Kamenskaya married, and pregnant not long to wait.
Elena, realizing that the child may interfere with her acting career, decided on an abortion. Her husband supported her in this difficult decision, and did not try to dissuade.
The operation affected the health of the actress, and for 10 years Elena tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Only at the age of 31, she experienced the joy of birth.

Lubov Uspenskaya

In 2016, the popular pop star was the guest of the program "million dollar Secret", which is a beautiful Russian TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva.
On the program, the singer said that at the age of 16 became pregnant from a man who was twice her age. The Union had no prospects, and Love has decided to have an abortion. As he said after the doctors, she had twins.
In 19 years, the pregnancy was desirable, because the father was the husband of singer Victor Shumylovych. But, prematurely born twins could not be saved.

Whoopi Goldberg

Extravagant and original, the Hollywood actress admitted that the beginning of sex life quite early. When she had just turned 14 years old, she already made the first step by abortion.
At 17, Whoopi got pregnant again, but this time decided to keep the baby. Born the daughter did not affect her career as an actress and Whoopi was glad that I became a mom.
The daughter had inherited the genes of a mother, as giving birth to the firstborn in 17 years, and made American actress grandmother at the age of 34 years.

Natalia Gulkin

In 15 years, the former soloist of group "the Mirage" met, as it seemed, true love. At the age of 16 became pregnant and wanted to keep the baby, despite her young age.
The parents of the singer was against such an early maternity daughter, and under pressure from relatives Natalia had an abortion. Told this story of his youth, the singer on the program "Let them talk".
And the groom's parents, by contrast, advocated the preservation of the child, but everything went according to the script of the mother of Natalia Gulkin.

Toni Braxton

The winner of 7 Grammy awards, the popular pop star of the 90s Toni Braxton in any interview never told me about your abortion.
The singer decided to entrust her secret to paper, and wrote about it in his autobiography. Readers and fans from the pages of learned that in 2001, the singer was forced to have an abortion.
After Toni married musician Keri Lewis, and the happy couple in marriage were born two children. The second son was born with a diagnosis of "autism", and the book she wrote that I made sometime abortion.

Elena Proklova

Have confessed their abortion, Lera Kudryavtseva and viewers talented actress Elena Proklova.
When she was 17, Helena decided to terminate the pregnancy, not fearing that the time was already late. 19 again, the pregnancy, and the baby's father was Oleg Yankovsky. The actress didn't want to destroy the family of the actor and again decided on an abortion.
After that long trying to get pregnant, but the consequences operations impact on health. Only many years after the abortion Elena gave birth to a daughter Arina.

Sinead O'connor

Irish composer and singer openly admitted to his fans that had an abortion, and no regrets about it.
The news of the pregnancy took the singer on tour in America. She immediately went to the hospital and terminated the pregnancy. The motivation was that, Shinaider lot of time career, and, by his own admission, could be baby a good mom.
The life of the singer surrounded by numerous scandals. Four times she married, and Sinead 1 daughter and three sons.

Maria Aronova

The confession about the abortion of the Russian cinema and theatre actress Maria Aronova Russians read in the pages of "Caravan of history", which the talented actress gave an interview.
Mary raised the son of Wladyslaw, when immediately after the first birth, got pregnant again. After weighing all the pros and cons, she decided that is not yet ready for the birth of the second child.
After this incident, Maria no longer went to doctors about abortion, and in 1994 she gave birth to a daughter.

Nicki Minaj

The extravagant pop singer Nicki Minaj decided to bare in front of admirers not only of his sexy body, and soul.
Before the release of the next album, she told me that she had an abortion. Future star got pregnant from her boyfriend at the age of 16 years. To renew relations with him Nicky was not planned, and decided on an abortion.
As the singer said, then she had plans to become famous, she attended a prestigious school, and the birth of a child would destroy the cherished dreams of the girl.

Marina Zudina

Participating in the program "the Destiny of man", Marina Zudina told that we took the difficult decision to abort the first pregnancy from of Oleg Tabakov.
Famous Russian actor was then married, and the girl just did not want to destroy marriage. But, broke out between Oleg and Marina senses tied their fate to a single nodule.
In 1995 they got married, and brought up in the marriage of two wonderful children. This incident, the actress said after the death of his famous wife.

Svetlana Permyakova

Star KVN, who later became an actress on one of television told me that she had an abortion. At the age of 22, she decided she was not ready for motherhood, and she came to the clinic.
Svetlana no one was consulted, and even kept this a secret from mother. As an actress said, I consider myself a strong woman, and therefore always make the decision independently.
It happened the next time in 2008, he linked his fate with Maxim Skryabin. Become pregnant, Svetlana decided to keep the baby, and in 2012 God gave a pair of lovely daughter — Barbara.

Courteney Cox

Was not afraid to talk about abortion and the many miscarriages and star of the cult TV series "Friends".
As she said in one interview that getting pregnant isn't a problem, but to bear a child does not always work. The actress was associated with a held in youth abortion. Journalists unearthed that such operations was about seven. The star has a daughter, but the actress is barely over 50 still have dreams of one child.
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Here we learned which of the stars had an abortion, and admitted to the public that used the services of medical termination of pregnancies. Abortion are contrary to human nature, and because the issue of abortion will always be relevant. But interestingly, for the legalization of abortion are the ones who got the lucky chance to be born.
Author: Valery Skiba