7 disgusting refined products from South East Asia that you must try

If they ask you what is common between Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, do not rush to say that they have a common border. These places are among the best in the world for gastronomic tourists. Forget everything you knew about exotic food, but here you can eat set lunch of various beetles, unique fruits, and enjoy other meals with crazy tastes leading at the same time you delight and cause to shudder with horror. Check out the crazy family dishes from South-East Asia, and during a trip to the region, you will be prepared.

7 disgusting refined products from South East Asia that you must try


Of these reptiles in Vietnam are preparing a variety of dishes, including sausages and sausage and add them to the salad. In some cases, you will be incredibly lucky, and you will taste together with the meat of a snake and its skin. Do not forget that even such a nasty and slimy creatures there is huge amount of bones, so you should be careful.
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The taste of the fruit is quite debatable, besides, he emits a strong smell so that has been banned for use in many public places, including airports and hotels. Lovers its aroma often dislike others. Want to feel anger? Just try durian where buy it.

Chicken feet

We have this part of a chicken is considered a disgusting waste, but Asians consider chicken feet a real delicacy. The first time they were eating Chinese, and then they took over the entire continent. Before use it is advisable to fry them, then they will not be so nasty.


You are numb before crawling insects? Then taste the fried tarantulas, which are sold on the streets of Cambodia. Unlike most edible insects (which in Cambodia, except for the tourists, no one eats), tarantulas are considered a real delicacy. Brave souls who dared to try this black spider, compared its flavor with the crab meat.


If you want to enjoy culinary masterpieces from rats, remember, like snakes, these rodents are very many small bones. We're worried about you, because you don't want anything obstructing the amazing taste of these horrible creatures. Rat food is extremely popular in Vietnam.

Snake wine

If one snake is not enough for you, wash down the dish with wine from rattlesnake in Vietnam. Inside the bottle floats a snake, and alcohol so that its venom dissolved in the liquor. It is believed that he no longer has health risks, so you can try... at your own risk.


Go to Bangkok and try the fried Scorpion served on sticks in the busiest part of the metropolis. In many cities in South-East Asia Scorpions are also popular, but for visitors of Thailand to enjoy a poisonous insect — mandatory.
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