Most famous novels the rulers of the past

For every authoritative man is a strong and intelligent woman. Exactly the same can be said about influential ladies, inspired by love of the opposite sex. Each person has its own target number, no matter what sex he was. Today, we remember the most influential and beautiful favorites of the Imperial people from all over the world.

Peter and Mons Anna

Anna is the most influential and beloved mistress of Peter the great. For her, the Russian Emperor, exiled his wife Evdokia of Suzdal monastery. The Emperor even planned to marry, but she has violated this idyll, changing Peter Saxon envoy Konigsee. And so ended a ten-year love affair the powerful sovereign of a powerful country and influential ladies from a rich family. The affection of the Russian Tsar can be explained, because of the beauty, intelligence and gentleness of character of Anna Mons was legendary. A shame that loyalty was not the most significant quality.

Peter and Martha Squaresa (Catherine I)

Mar — favorite, became the second wife of Peter the Great and Queen, gave him a legitimate daughter and heir to the throne of Elizaveta Petrovna. She had lost her parents and was given into service in the house of pastor Ernst Gluck in distant Livonia. After the conquest of these lands by Peter, Mar, as a captive, was in Moscow. After a while it was noticed by the Emperor himself. First March became a favourite after — beloved wife and the ruling Empress. They were married in may 1727. Knowing the violent and passionate character of her husband, Catherine could see him approach. Affection and gentle touch could stop his seizures headaches and seizures. For this, the monarch appreciated and loved her. Catherine to the Emperor gave birth to eleven children, but, unfortunately, except Anna and Elizabeth, all of them died in infancy.

The novels of Catherine II

About the huge amount of favourites this crazy Empress is legendary. Each name in her love list is quite famous and powerful. But to list them all we will not. Remember two imperious favourites of Catherine the great, who left a noticeable trace in the history of the Russian state.
On the photo: Grigory Orlov
Grigory Orlov was one of those who supported and brought to life the coup d'etat in 1762. As a result, ascended to the throne young, but very ambitious Catherine. Well, how not to thank a beautiful and resourceful adjutant General and commander of land forces. The plans of the great Empress was married to a Soldier-a robber, as she is affectionately called. But it was not true. Catherine gave birth to Orlov's son, but he was declared illegitimate and given to the family of Bobrinsky.
On the photo: Grigory Potemkin
Grigory Potemkin (Tavrichesky) — a young and passionate kammerjunker, who drew the attention of loving Empress. Full of ideas and passion, he became not only ruler of her bedroom, but right-hand in all public Affairs. When Catherine he was the most powerful man in Russia and became to be called the Prince of Tauride. So, according to the decree of his, Katie, Gregory Potemkin was to expand the Ukrainian lands in the southern region, where he created the Taurida region (modern Kherson region). Her favorite, Prince Tauride, Catherine gave birth to a daughter Temkino Elizaveta Grigorievna. And in 1775 they were secretly married.

Paul I and Catherine Nelidova

Catherine Nelidova — young and beautiful student of Smolny Institute for noble maidens. She was a lady-in-waiting of Grand Duchess Natalia Alexeyevna — first wife of Paul I, and then Maria Feodorovna, the second wife of the Emperor. Graceful, funny, well-read young woman easily captivated inexperienced in love Affairs and inexperienced monarch. She has become a true support, friend and Advisor to unstable and insecure Emperor. Having great influence, she taught him to take bold decisions with a cool head, be persistent in the face of officials and not be afraid to Express their opinion, not succumbing to the will of another. They are a lot together, walked, laughed, talked, read. She managed to make friends with the wife of Paul Maria Feodorovna. They both helped the Grand Duke to find peace of mind, peace of mind. But nothing eternal does not happen. One favorite came another — Anna lopuchin.

Nicholas II and Kschessinska Mathilde felixovna

Nicholas II was very fond of theatre, classical music, ballet. It is on the play "the Nutcracker" he saw his future mistress, a graceful ballerina named Mathilde Kschessinska. Their romantic and mysterious connection lasted only two years. Then, the crown Prince and future Emperor of Russia, he was forced to marry Alice of Hesse. It just happened. Some sources assert that for the sake of Matilda, Nicholas was ready to renounce the throne, written for his bride, money, and provisions. But the overbearing parents of the Romanov dynasty could not allow this to happen and prevented. Matilda, after experiencing this shock, opened a ballet school in Paris. She married Grand Duke Andrei Vladimirovich and bore him a son, Vladimir.

Alexander I and Maria Naryshkin

Grandson of Catherine the great, Alexander was very smart and handsome and, apparently, inherited from my grandmother a passionate nature. Despite the fact that he had a very beautiful and kind wife, Alexandra, he was a skilled Walker left. A number of his novels and a list of the names of these charming ladies will astonish everyone. But one person he truly loved and wanted. Her name is Maria Antonovna Naryshkin. The wife Ober-Jagermeister Naryshkin from the first minute turned to the Russian Emperor the head. Maria married for a long time pretended not to notice languid glances and advances of the Emperor than was awakened in him an even greater passion. This relationship lasted two years and ended as abruptly as it had begun, but left an inextinguishable mark in the hearts of both lovers. In politics Mary did not climb, but the small requests and small motions lover, the Emperor happy for her and sang.

Alexander II and Catherine Dolgoruky

Young and innocent Catherine first sight captured the heart of the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Shyness and modesty distinguishes her from all the ladies, and pay no attention to it was simply impossible. At first their relationship no one paid much attention, because the king sinned before small affair. But the love of Alexander and Catherine every day grew and grew. The girl with all my heart loved their ruler, nothing is asked and demanded, loved his company and laughter. After the death of the legitimate wife Maria Feodorovna, the Emperor was not long in coming and is still in mourning entered into a morganatic marriage with Dolgoruki. Catherine received the title of Lightness Princess of assigning a name Yuryev. From the Imperial couple had two children, a daughter and a son. Their love lasted 15 years before the death of Alexander II in 1881, the revolutionaries. Lightness Princess with the children after this event went to France and there grieving for their beloved monarch.
"Liberated Europe"

Sigismund II Augustus and Barbara Radziwill

Barbara Radziwill was born into a wealthy and noble Polish family of the Radzivills, where is the father spared no expense for their daughter's education. Educated girl immediately found their place in Polish society, because her beauty was captivating, and the mind boggled. Around Barbara's always had a lot of fans could not resist and humble the king of Poland Sigismund. Overbearing mother, Queen bona of Sforza was against their Union and tried to stop this marriage. But, to this obedient, Sigismund was opposed by his mother, married his beloved mistress and even crowned her. Sorry, but the happiness did not last long, Barbara died from an unknown disease. The king is inconsolable for the rest of my life longing for my Queen.

Augustus II and Countess Kossel

The Countess Kossel, at the birth of Anna Constantia von Brockdorff, — a charming lady from a supportive family. She somehow mysteriously was able for eight years to captivate the hearts of the Polish king August II, the famous heartthrob and womanizer. Ambitious Anna called herself the second wife of the king, and behaved with the maid as if she were the Queen herself, which aroused from their party hostility to yourself. The Polish king, in turn, for his beloved mistress did a lot: I gave her the title of Countess Kossel, built the Palace of the Four seasons to her as a gift. Had even signed a promise to marry her after his wife's death. But, after feelings have cooled down, he easily took all of his words and gifts, and Anna herself was locked in the fortress of Stolpen.

The French Henry II and Diane de Poitiers

The first meeting of Henry and Diana happened when the future king was only seven years old and he was sent to a prisoner instead of her father Francis. When he returned four years later, he decided to find her, because at its heart this lady left a huge mark. When Henry became king, his Queen, he called not the legitimate wife, Catherine de Medici, and favorite mistress, Diana of Poitiers. She had an impact on political decisions and can say behind their king, ruled the state. Love for the Diana Henry II carried through all my life and until the end of days admired her beauty.
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Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn — the most famous mistress of medieval England and the wife of one of the worst English kings. Anna managed to marry a king and to provide his family a comfortable future. Giving advice in the bedroom and terrible Tudor sweetly whispering in your ear right to her decision, she was able partly to lead the country. But, often fascinated by the female sex, and the ruler suddenly changed to grace anger and sent the favorite to the scaffold. So, sincere love was worth a one of a kind Boleyn's life and head.

Louis XIV and Marquise de Montespan

Françoise Athénaïs de Rochechouart de Mortemart was the official mistress of the "sun king" as it was called by Louis XIV, a cheerful disposition and a love of entertainment. In sixteen years of a romantic relationship with the king the Marquis de Montespan bore him seven children. She has influenced many political events and was very interested in my passionate lover. Ended their relationship with the exile Fransuaz from the yard and that the monarch had his reasons.

Louis XIV and the Marquise de Maintenon

D Aubigne françoise, Marquise de Maintenon came to Versailles as a governess to the illegitimate children of the king. At that time, his official mistress was the Marquise de Montespan, which led future rival. But after the death of Maria Theresa, the legitimate Queen of France, Louis XIV attached very gently to the Marquise de Montanon. With it he combined a morganatic marriage, and all this happened in the distant 1683.

Louis XV, and Jeanne Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour

Jeanne Poisson — the most famous and influential mistress of French king Louis XV, known for his erudition and beauty. Her status in high society was like the modern socialite. Her wanted to explore himself Voltaire. He had heard about her acute mind and wanted to talk to her, to hear her opinion about different areas of culture and science. Pompadour for more than twenty years was adviser, friend and right hand of the king of France. She bravely and without hysteria took rivals and, even after the termination of the relationship with the king remained his friend and at court. Louis was not allowed to say bad word in her direction, he spoke highly of his Marquis.

Charles VII and Agnes Sorel

Witnesses claimed that after the first meeting with Agnes Sorel, Karl could not find a place and wandered around the Palace like restless. He immediately decided that I would make her my mistress and will not accept failure. This wouldn't have happened. Agnes Sorel was still the predator. Thanks to her there was a fashion for a more casual and sexy outfits after she introduced them at court. Interesting fact that the wife of Carl Maria of Anjou decided instead to declare war rival friendship. It pleased and surprised the king and his minion, which at that time had already gave birth to first child.

Suleiman the Magnificent and roxelana (Hürrem Haseki Sultan)

The story about Ukrainian girl who conquered the heart of the Turkish Sultan, spread throughout the world and has become a shining example of love without boundaries. Anastasia Gavrilovna Lisovskaya was stolen in the Turkish harem of the Crimean Tatars, where he first became the favorite concubine, then Haseki Sultan, that is his beloved wife. Sultan roxelana gave birth to six children and became the mother of Sultan Selim II. She participated in political Affairs and a lot of attention paid to the charity.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais

Josephine de Beauharnais — the first lady of France and first wife of Napoleon. She became famous for their clever fraud in the financial sector and do not like change, but this required her to Bonaparte. After the first marriage of Madame de Beauharnais had a lot of relationships in high society, which enabled the young artillery officer of Napoleon to advance in the military field. This marriage was more mutually beneficial and by calculation, rather than great love. Although he brought both what they wanted, Josephine — recognition and money to Napoleon — the power and honours.

Edward VIII and Bessie Wallis Simpson

There are women for whom men will do anything, even give up the throne. Did love king of England Edward VIII for his Bessie, despite the fact that the one behind was two divorces. However, the woman herself called the decision a stupidity, because her dream was to become a real Queen, but was only Duchess of Windsor. The couple were married in 1937. They traveled around the world and settled in France. Children the couple never had and maybe it's even better.

Camilla Parker-Bowles

A romantic story of the Royal concubines is striking, because her love has come a long way and not one test. Touching relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles and Charles, Prince of Wales, has begun in far 1970-e years. Her humble candidacy is not suited to be the future Queen of England. Charles was forced to end the relationship and marry Princess Diana. But as they say, lawless heart, and after a while their love affair resumed with renewed vigor. After his wife's death, Charles decided to marry a second time and made Camille the proposal. Interestingly, this time the Royal family, Parliament and even the Church agreed to this marriage. Perhaps reunited with his beloved from the beginning, the Prince met in my life would be less tragic events. But even later, the lovers were happy.