The most beautiful snail in the world: Amazing macro photos of snails

Small and slow-moving wildlife, and aquatic snails are very interesting creatures. Some are completely transparent, there are very tiny, and the large snail Achatina barely fit into the palm of a person. Most of them drags on the back of a huge shell, different sizes and colors. Imagine a small photo session, and our dear reader will choose the most beautiful snail on the proposed pictures.

The contemplation of the world

Fit on the edge of the flower petal, this snail looks curiously at the world. What is there so shining in the rays of the rising sun?

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Under the umbrella

Small colored snail found in the achene of the dandelion, and decided to use it as a sunshade. How snail small that even a small-sized "umbrella" several times more than its happy owner.


In the mirror of the water, a curious creature carefully examining his reflection. Hey, it's me!

On a rainy night

In the pouring rain little snail climbed onto the twig, and not in a hurry to hide in the sink, enjoying this phenomenon of nature.

On the flower

In the sunlight this snail seems to be completely transparent, and most importantly a harmonious look for the bright red petals of the flower. This turned out to be in pictures harmony with the surrounding nature.

Skill acrobatics

Exploring the petals of a flower, this snail showed the amazing skills of acrobatics, getting to the most remote places of the object of study.

A little competition

Fun and funny snails have debated which of them was the first to reach the caps of a mushroom. Each chose their treadmill on a mushroom stalk. Start! And the two creatures with purple shells and began their journey to the finish line.

Among the tulips

Little connoisseur climbed onto the unopened Bud of a Tulip, and from this height, enjoy beautiful views. And she looks great on the background of the red flower.
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Little Explorer

Difficult was the way through the stem to the flower Bud. But the path is over, and, stretching his neck, the researcher decided to find out what's on the other side of the flower petal.

You and I

Two small snail was found among the unusual landscape and small mushrooms. To meet started to pull each other their little antenni.


On the green leaf in the morning dew with the two sides crept amazing snails with shells of the color coral. Their journey ended with an unexpected meeting.

Under the waterfall

Among the green tussocks conveniently fit on one of them, little snail enjoying the rain drops. For her, with its size, this full-flowing waterfall.

Before sunset

The sun sets over the horizon, it's time for the return journey. The whole day was spent trying to climb to the top branches, and so begins the slow journey home.

In the pond

A difficult path had to be interrupted in the middle of the bridge to see who's out there hiding in the pond. When understand that it is my reflection, move on.