The most interesting facts about cigarettes

The first kind of cigarettes appeared from the American Indians, however, they are the first on the planet and began to smoke and chew tobacco. The word cigarette has French roots, and literally means "small cigar". Will do some research with an excursion into the story to introduce interesting facts about cigarettes. Maybe we can debunk some of the myths about cigarettes.


In tobacco shops, which began to appear in Europe and the USA in the XVIII-XIX century, was a picture of an Indian with a pipe in his mouth. It was a reminder that Smoking is humanity taught the Indian tribes.

Historical homeland

Tobacco Bush is a native of the American continent. The Indians began to cultivate this plant along with potatoes and peppers.
These cultures came to Europe after the discovery by Europeans of the New world in the late XV century. Initially, tobacco was hostile, and then they become part of the fashion, and holds its position.

Killing statistics

Smokers build a wall of denial — like, "can't touch me". The whole world recognized tobacco Smoking is a slow death.
Every 8 seconds one person dies from tobacco use in any form. Just think, this is 5 million people a year.

Unusual components

It would seem that the tobacco it is tobacco. But... In the composition of cigarettes includes substance called ambergris. The world substance known as whale vomit. And just one cigarette, more than 100 additives are very far from natural tobacco.
But the threat of its smoke contains radioactive lead and polonium. Just in cigarettes discovered about 4 thousand carcinogenic substances, even more than alcohol.
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Nicotine kills a horse

4-5 cigarettes contain enough nicotine that can kill a man if he swallowed them.
Smokers from instant death saves the burning process. When Smoking in the body gets only 1 to 2 ml of the nicotine, the rest is burned.
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Medical advice from the past

At the beginning of the twentieth century, physicians advised pregnant women to smoke. The doctors assumed that, therefore, woman is easy to lose that weight.
And in 1571, a doctor from Spain Nicolas Mondares published a book in which he described the medicinal plants. Among them was a tobacco Bush, which, according to the descriptions of the doctor, cure 36 diseases.

The most harmful

Many organizations and the media are conducting their own investigation to identify the most harmful cigarette brands.
Main harmful substance contained in cigarettes are tar. Therefore, the greater the resin content, the more harmful and dangerous smoke these products tobacco industry.
But let's not kid ourselves, all cigarettes are harmful because they contain the composition of the about 4 thousand carcinogens.

To smoke a car

Tobacco products for various reasons are constantly increasing in price. The average Russian smoker "smokes" for ten years a brand new car of the middle class.
But raising the price of cigarettes does not solve the problem of the popularity of Smoking. High price, according to psychologists, weak motivator to give up the habit.


In the fight against smokers in different countries include a system of fines. It makes no sense to talk about the penalties, but in Moscow after the fire of 1634, careless Smoking was to lose his head. The fact that the cause of the fire, which burned half of the capital, was Smoking.

Savvy Tibetan students

Novices of Tibetan monasteries go to all sorts of tricks to mentor not found cigarettes. So, where is the Tibetan school children hide cigarettes.
The most common place are appliances and gadgets. Old players and mobile phones cleared of toppings and filled with cigarettes. You can hide in the hollow part of the traditional East-flops. In third place packaging on the cotton swabs and components of the computer.

The differences of light from the strong cigarettes

Scientifically proven fact that 90% is the same cigarette, the only thing in the packs that says lights cigarettes less tar and nicotine. In the same brand of cigarettes, strong and light, use the same tobacco blend, but in different concentrations.
There are differences in the filtration system, as in "light" less holes. Therefore, when the bongs in the body of the smoker gets less smoke, and with it, the lower the concentration of harmful substances and resins.

Aromatic additives

Now try to answer the question of whether harmful menthol cigarettes. Doctors give a definite answer — menthol cigarettes cause the same harm to the body, as usual.
Menthol are marketed as women's cigarettes, and therefore are considered harmless. It is a myth that they cause less harm. On the contrary, menthol and other additives can cause more addictive. In the same way as regular cigarettes menthol affect the heart muscle, lungs and reproductive organs of the male half of humanity.


The rise in price of tobacco products has led to the fact that heavy smokers in Europe switched to cigarettes. Their twisted hands, and with the help of special machines. For this purpose, the tobacco sheet.
Scientists conducted a study and found that cigarettes are more addictive. This is due to enzymes, leading to dependencies that are contained in tobacco leaf. More addictive also leads to the absence of the filter and the burning speed of cigarettes.

China record

In China, about 300 million smokers annually smoke approximately 1.7 trillion cigarettes. If you calculate it per minute in this Eastern country smoked 3 cigarettes.

Coffee and cigarette

This combination causes irreparable harm to health, especially is not recommended to drink the beverage and to inhale cigarette smoke people with high blood pressure.
In addition to the cardiovascular system, coffee in combination with a cigarette infects the stomach and intestines.

Electronic substitutes

In the first place in Top 10 facts about electronic cigarettes is, of course, the fact of the safety of wapow.
Electronic cigarette is also harmful, if the fluid contains nicotine. They are safe, if they do not contain this harmful component.
But there is another danger, because of careless handling of battery may cause explosion of the electronic device. The consequences can be very tragic.


Doctors and psychologists know more than 120 effective treatments for nicotine addiction. But, in practice, only about 40.
But all methods are powerless if a man or woman for himself to decide firmly to give up Smoking.

Popular brand

Marlboro trademark is considered the most expensive among all the goods of daily demand. In 80-e years for this indicator, it has overtaken Coca Cola firm.
And is the cowboy recognized as one of the best and most attractive in the entire history of the advertising business.

The name of the camel

On cigarettes Camel pictured one-humped camel, and his name is Old Joe. In 1913, when the release of this brand, the prototype for the portrait were made by the camel, who was at that time in the American circus "Barnum & Bailey". In 90-e years Old, Joe is already not endorse, and is actively fighting against Smoking.

Happiness suddenly...

In the film "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation" when the song of the hero kuravleva you receive a packet of Marlboro. It turned out hidden advertising. For such episode in the United States, Soviet actor at that time could get huge fees from the tobacco companies.


Tell a few facts about cigarettes and Winston. Its name they got the name of the city of Winston-Salem, where it was started tobacco production.
Winston became the first tobacco products in the United States, which was produced with a filter. Brand has received numerous prizes and awards, and in the Russian market appeared only in 1992.


In 1965 in the UK banned the advertising of cigarettes and tobacco products on television, although she remained on the streets in the form of posters. In the US it was made in 1970.
In Russia on TV advertising of tobacco was banned in 2005. Now, even in the old Soviet films where the hero smokes a cigarette closes with a black box.

Independent decision

List of facts will continue another surprising observation. After suffering a heart attack 95% of smokers who no longer smoke a cigarette.
How not to recall the Russian proverb "while the thunder will not burst". To this solution the patients come on their own, without edification and persuasion of physicians.

Hookah lovers

When Smoking a hookah in the lungs of the smoker gets more smoke than when Smoking one cigarette. Together with the smoke are carcinogens, and poisonous carbon monoxide.
During the research, it is proved that hookah Smoking more harmful than the usual 100-200 times. So sweet is about the harmlessness of hookah, it's just a trick.

Controversial Dutch

In Holland it is forbidden to smoke cigarettes with tobacco. Smokers in this country is, but their products do not contain tobacco. Because of this, the Netherlands is much safer, from the point of view of the law, to smoke pot.
Many countries in Latin America on the example of the Netherlands also legalize new drugs, introducing a strict ban on tobacco.


Cigarettes are the most traded commodity on the planet. Leader in the production of cigarettes China and just sold by different countries 1 trillion cigarettes.
Leading sales positions in the world hold L&M, Parliament, Winston, Marlboro. But the most expensive is a pack of Lucky Strike, which are mounted in precious stones, and the tutu is made of gold. In sale it did not, and acts as an exhibition copy.


On the fake cigarettes many people want to get rich quick. According to the world Health Organization, 25% of the world's cigarettes are fake these brands.
Often counterfeited packs of the middle class, but fake even the famous expensive brands. Smuggling of cigarettes is one of the most common crimes on the border.

Age limit

Only in Japan are allowed to smoke from the age of 20, but in other countries the age limit is set at around 18 years of age.
The problem of Smoking by minors, the Japanese decided, entering in 2008, the sale of cigarettes only card Taspo. It is issued only at the age of 20 years, and without it, the machine does not sell cigarettes.

The Tums

The ashes of a cigarette acts as a folk remedy to get rid of heartburn. Indeed, tobacco ash for a while neutralizes the hydrochloric acid that causes heartburn.
But only the tobacco ash eliminates the discomfort of heartburn, but in modern cigarette tobacco is very little or not at all.


Active anti-Smoking campaign, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, prohibition of advertising of cigarettes has led to the fact that sales of cigarettes are falling.
Economists predict that this trend will continue in the coming decades. Many countries have already thought about a complete ban of Smoking.


That brings me to the end of our interesting facts about Smoking and cigarettes. As a result we remind you that this is a bad habit, and doctors have long proved that contained in cigarette substances cause many diseases.
Carcinogens in tobacco smoke and tar in the composition of cigarettes cause cancer. So, weighing the pros and cons, the arguments clearly demonstrate the benefit of getting rid of this bad habit.
Author: Valery Skiba