The TOP 10 most fascinating facts about beer that you didn't know

Beer — how many in this word. A cold glass of intoxicating drink in gold, isn't this happiness? Perhaps it is the beer binds all of humanity throughout all of human existence, as only this drink is common in any culture, regardless of time period.

The taste, the pleasure, syrup, hops and yeast, you think you know about beer? As it is not so! It's filled with more history of the Louvre. Many of the facts you certainly known, but there are those which are not suspect even the most sophisticated pivoman. In this article, you will learn about the famous liver of George Washington, diet beer, the legendary beer fans, and much more.

The deity of beer

All right, beer has its own goddess. In one of the world's earliest civilizations, Mesopotamia, beer was one of the main products (used as anaesthetic). Then everywhere it was common to paganism, and therefore almost every object or phenomenon had its own God and goddess. The name of the goddess of beer in Mesopotamia sounds like Ninkasi.
In the ancient texts of the peoples of Mesopotamia often mentioned different ways of brewing and drinking beer. This allows us to consider the goddess Ninkasi one of the most influential of the Sumerians and other Mesopotamian peoples. However so far not found any image of the deity in the form of a drawing, statue or fresco. However, anyone can look at the beer goddess, for this is a good "gain" and look for the nearest girl.
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The history of the name

At the time this wonderful drink, despite its antiquity, was called not by the beer. After the Scandinavians had seized Albion, and the word "beer" was almost removed from the vocabulary, despite the presence in the old English dictionary. The Normans used the word "El" to entirely replace the beer.
There are several versions of the appearance of the word "beer". The first says that the roots come from the Latin bibere meaning "to drink". The second comes from the Germanic language, where the word beuwoz means "barley". In addition, the laurels of the pioneers claimed the Dutch, the French and the Italians. And while the debate has not yet subsided, we can enjoy the velvety taste of the sacred drink, whose roots are in the depths of the birth of human civilization.

Oldest brewery, located in Germany

Brewery Weihenstephan from the same German city is considered the oldest brewery of the existing. The base of the plant dated 1040, and to understand how old he is, it is worth mentioning that the first American brewery was opened a little less than 800 years, namely, in 1829. One of the most famous products of Weihenstephan is considered a wheat beer with a fruity taste.
As in any history of the founding of something ancient, it is impossible to avoid disputes, because in this area there are several companies that started to brew beer for just 10 years later, after the founding of Weihenstephan plant. Of course, they do not recognize the primacy of the well-known Bavarian plant. Nevertheless, we can confidently say that the people living in the South of Germany very happy, because they get a taste of quality beer in almost a Millennium.

Record the duration of the beer hangover lasted about 4 weeks

A few years ago a resident of Glasgow asked the local emergency room with complaints of blurred vision and a never-ending migraine. The doctors did a whole range of tests that are not given special result. The survey showed that the kid had a normal temperature, blood pressure also was normal. The patient reported that endured traumatic brain injuries and did not lose memory. The results of the neural scan also found no abnormalities.
In the end, the doctors called the eye doctor, assuming all the matter is in the deterioration of view. Surveyed the guy, the optometrist came to the conclusion that he has a basic hangover. Patient "given" propavshaya vessels and swollen eyeballs. As it turned out, he was for 4 days drank about 30 litres of beer. In the end, all ended well, but the guy took about 6 months to feel normal again. A true Scot!
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German brewers are bound to observe the law about the "purity of beer"

The original name of the law sounds like "Reinheitsgebot", and his age reached 502 years. It all started with the prohibition of the Bavarian Duke, which held that for making beer sufficient to use only three ingredients, namely, water, hops and barley malt. In the next century, it added to the yeast, previously, could not, as they had not yet been invented. The curious situation is the motivation of lawmakers. His ban he simply wanted to avoid the waste of rye and wheat, which at that time was the price. Despite the change of different tunings and further the unification of Germany, the law became tradition and today is a source of pride to all Germans.
Now all German factories for the production of beer adhere to Reinheitsgebot. So the world-famous law passed a way from the banal to the ban, the main conditions for the sign of quality Beers from Germany. Paradoxically, but the unique taste was born thanks to an ordinary greed.

Beer is actually very useful

This is the real American dream for students from around the world. Is this talking about only in whispers, considering the fact of the usefulness of beer nothing more than urban legend. But trust me — it really is! American scientists found in beer are extremely useful substances (polyphenols) that have a positive impact on the health of many body systems. It is strange that to prove the usefulness of beer, we needed the approval of a group of smart people in lab coats. Indeed, in the history there are many products created through fermentation, and used for medical purposes.
But before you go to the nearest supermarket, and how to "stock up" beer, remember that the same scientists warn that the abuse of beer can lead to deterioration of health. The case in an excess amount of ethanol, which adversely affects the body with excessive consumption of intoxicating drink. However, if you are a little over 40, and you can be easily placed on the porch or balcony to steadily drink a couple of Beers, and be assured that it will only benefit.

Honeymoon got its name from the beer

One part of marriage that you look forward to all brides, is directly related to beer. The irony is that the further part of married life is to fight for the same beer. If you think that honeymoon is associated with beer that is only while his young wife scolds her husband's addiction to foamy drink, it is not so. Everything is much more prosaic.
In most cultures of the V century the guests were welcomed with Mead, which was honey beer. Drinking Mead was followed and the young, as it was believed that it would help in the conception of a child. Immediately after the wedding, the couple drank honey beer on her wedding night. Here is to make a direct reference to the English language, as it is honeymoon called "honeymoon", the couple drank Mead just before the first moon, meaning "moon".

George Washington was a fan of beer

If you are surprised, then you should. In those days beer was not as popular as other alcoholic beverages, for example, whisky or brandy. Historians believe that on the day of the evacuation of the British from new York (1783), the future President of the USA sipped a beer in your favorite pub "the Old bull's head". Washington had a special fondness for English porter, however, after he drove out the British, to get it harder. The main supplier of beer for George was an Englishman, Robert hare, sailed to America in the mid-eighteenth century. Shortly before the War for independence Washington, 'hare and George Warren began to brew beer, which is considered to be the first porter of the United States.
In addition, Washington brewed his own beer in the specially developed recipe. Of course, it was far from the porter, but the combination of yeast, bran and molasses gave excellent results with a pleasant aftertaste. With the years of George Washington more and more interesting facts, such as dentures (there is a version that they were made from the teeth of black slaves), the iron liver and an addiction to beer.

For beer dilution water was awarded the death penalty

A legendary ruler of ancient Babylon Hammurabi was known not only for their wise decisions, but unreasonably harsh laws. He has developed a code of rules and prohibitions which, until our time has come to called the Laws of Hammurabi. It is worth mentioning that at that time the standard practice of the old brewers was to dilute the beer with water or use poor-quality grain in the process of cooking. To eradicate the desecration of the most important drink in the life of the Babylonians, Hammurabi took the harsh law prohibiting reduce grain quality or dilute a beer. For its violation followed a strict punishment - the death penalty.
Don't think that violators were executed in a standard way — it was much more inventive. Negligent brewers simply drowned in its own low-quality beer. It may seem cruel and sophisticated punishment, but in our time there are certainly fans of beer, refused a forced death.

The Breakfast of Champions?

Earlier in the consumption of beer for Breakfast it was nothing special. Until the XIX century in England it was difficult to find "morning" drinks like tea and coffee, so the commoners drank ordinary beer. Moreover, this drink for Breakfast was considered extremely useful and rich in carbohydrates. Sort of a modern version of a balanced Breakfast.