The ugliest cars in the world: more than 30 terrifying machines

Many treat their cars like living beings, talk to them, give names. Love them and sometimes hate. And everything in life is relative, and without ugliness to discover beauty, so in our review of the worst cars in automotive history. Not out of patriotism, but because the cars of the post-Soviet space require separate such articles, present only foreign cars.

The ugliest cars in the world: more than 30 terrifying machines

Edsel Willager

According to experts and auto enthusiasts, the car became the Edsel failed project of the Corporation "Ford".
Poor build quality, vague positioning, and terrible design was the cause of the failure. Grille model, released in 1958, compared with the trunk of the tapir.
Not having existed for two years, the project of manufacture of cars Edsel Willager was closed in 1960.

 Lightburn Zeta

It is difficult to determine what is the most ugly car in the world, but the brainchild of the Corporation Lightburn exactly can lead the rating of the most ugly cars.
But for those who still want to see the most beautiful cars in the world hotshot.eu.org there is a very interesting article.
The fact that the firm that developed the model, specialized in the production of cement mixers and washing machines, because nobody was surprised by such a strange design.
So you don't injure connoisseurs, this car was produced for only two years: started in 1963 and was taken out of production in 1965.

 Pontiac Aztek

Body shape resembles a large iron and positioned this car as a SUV and a minivan for a family vacation.
Released crossover in Mexico, and the first copy appeared on the roads in 2001. Front panel, made in sporty style, looks bulky and awkward.
Photo: still from the TV series "breaking bad"
Sales in the USA fell, but despite this model has got the movie as the vehicle of the protagonist of the series "breaking bad".

 Covini C6W

To enter the Top 10 ugliest cars of its design and earned six-wheeled supercar Italian manufacturers.
Model C6W introduced in 2012, although developments were since the mid 70-ies of the last century. It was then, in 1976, the Italians put on "Formula 1" car with three axles Turell Р34. It is noteworthy that was won even one of the stages, but the project folded.
The machine has good permeability, but the appearance is a little scary.

 Sebring-Vanguard CityCar

In the automotive ratings ugly models minicar Florida manufacturers ranked first, or at least ranks in the top five.
Designers, most likely, was inspired by electromobility Golf course, but it was created for urban streets. The model entered serial production and was produced for three years starting in 1974.
But log shape quickly out of fashion, and eventually so low sales stopped completely, causing the model was removed from production.

 Fiat Multipla

In 1998, Fiat introduced the world to its compact MPV with an unusual and quite original body design.
Surprising three rows of lights scattered across the front of the machine, and it is unclear why the designers have created a strange crease between the hood and windshield.
External originality was complemented internal innovation dashboard Mutipla placed on the middle of the panel.

 AMC Gremlin

The manufactured machine was positioned by the manufacturer as the first American subcompact car class, but the design is clearly saved.
Appeared in the sale in 1970, the car was in demand because of its relatively low price. For 8 years sold 670 thousand Gremlins.
In 1972 increased the power to 150 HP, posting under the long hood a five-liter V8 engine.

 Aston Martin Lagonda

"The ugly duckling" in the glorious family car firm Aston Martin appeared on the roads in the mid 70-ies of XX century.
Chasing fashion trends, designers clearly overdid it. Turned out to be incredibly elongated body, narrow headlights, angular and uncomfortable salon.
In the model for the first time tried to use the onboard computer, but the expensive electrical equipment that constantly broke down, pushed away buyers.


The goddess of the dawn in Ancient Rome seeing his car namesake, would be amazed by its surreal appearance.
Created Aurora Catholic priest Alfredo Juliano, who in his youth was a designer and did not leave the profession even when dressed in a cassock. Hoping to create a safe car, he spent all their money and even climbed into the Church office.
The project failed miserably. The inventor was put in jail, and the only copy of his "miracle" is in the British Museum, Beaulieu.

 Honda Insight

From 1999 to 2014 year Honda made this a hybrid car, more like a flattened plate.
Manufacturers have focused on efficiency and aerodynamics of the body, which turned out such here unusual design. A model equipped with an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, the hybrid became the first Japanese car sold in the U.S. market.
By the way, hotshot.eu.org there's an interesting article about the available cars that have become classics in the USA.
Manufacturers are constantly improved his brainchild, but to achieve harmony in the lines and could not.

 Peel P 50

The smallest ever mass-produced car Peel P 50 is released with pipelines from 1961 to 1963.
Little micro-car is pretty strange, and its dimensions are so small that it can be raised in an apartment in the freight Elevator.
New is well forgotten old, I thought designers and resumed production in 2011. Equipped with such a miracle motor as the electric motor and traditional engine.

Tata Nano

That's the car that looks like a big beetle, produced in India.
Immediately catches the eye is proportional to the disparity of body and wheels. The development of the project began in 2003, and the designers were invited from Italy.
But Indian producers can be proud of, as did the cheapest car in the world.

 Nissan Micra C+

Compact cars the Micra series, the Japanese began to produce in 1982, and today varieties of these little models is relevant in mass production.
Convertible+ a bit distracting from the overall number of their brethren unusual design. The model was developed in cooperation with Karmann, and was very popular in Europe.
Sold this car from 2003 to 2010, and in the salons on the territory of Russia.

long Changfeng

Do not understand motivation of Chinese designers, creating here such a strange car.
Deters not only the diamond shape of the body, but also chopped line. The rear wheels are visible, but the front is hidden under a long nose.
Like it or criticize the domestic manufacturer, but the Chinese player can claim the prize of most ugly car of today.

 Toyota ME

The body is small but roomy car is created from expanded polypropylene.
As seen in the photo turned out not very nice. In fact, it's a transformer having a removable panel. So the enthusiast can create a type of body according to your taste.
Appearance is, of course, frightens passers-by, but the versatility of the model and its technical data are recognized by the specialists.

 BMW i3

Model of the famous German company is popular with motorists in different parts of the world.
But with the design the designers a little pumped up, using the twenty-first century ideas of the end of the 80s of the last century. But unusual lines, contribute to improved aerodynamics.
Thanks to this model accelerates to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. The brainchild of BMW is ahead of its competitors in terms of efficiency, and accelerate the car to 160 km/h.

Helium von Helium

The miracle machine was created by Paul Elio, in honor of him and called it a wonderful work of automotive art.
Model three-wheeled Elio is not much demand from motorists, and because the U.S. showrooms often carried out various actions to attract customers.
All good — and economical, and practical, but the appearance of the car deters buyers. But perhaps it is for such models, allowing you to easily move around the city, the future.

 Suzuki Vitara X90

For all time was released a total of 1 400 cars of this model and of course its exclusivity influenced the high price.
Such is the Japanese convertible, giving me a sense of freedom and the breath of the wind, and at the same time safety. A rather unusual appearance and profile machine like a duck.
That's just the car dramatically knocked out of the line Japanese car industry, always characterized by clear, precise lines.

 Toyota C-HR

In Paris, the Japanese engineers of the automobile giant Toyota introduced the car of the future.
Design models are quite aggressive and maybe in a few years, this concept fashion. But motorists and experts said that for mass production it is too bold.
But, despite the criticism, in 2016 began selling unusual cars in Europe and in the United States.

 Toyota Yaris Verso

Another product of Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, released to production in 1999.
What was originally supposed to create designers, we'll never know, but it turned out such a machine. Very small front section with large headlamps, is not in harmony with the great body of the vehicle.
In 2005 the project was closed, and now on websites you can often find ads about sale of used cars of this model.

 Renault Kangoo Bebop

Multifunctional French car is its appearance resembles a small Rhino.
Produced for 10 years, from 1998 to 2008 in different versions and with different engine power. But with all the innovation design remained unchanged.
Despite the presentable appearance, the car turned out to be quite practical and roomy, as you can add a third row of seats.

 Ferrari F12

Not to ignore the aggressive GT car from the famous Italian manufacturer of expensive sports cars.
Introduced the model in 2012 at the famous Geneva motor show, where many experts have noted the high technical specifications, but appearance was criticized.
Designers wanted to improve the aerodynamics, but the car was bulky and large front panel spoils the overall impression.

 Mercedes Vaneo

German designers decided to experiment and in the model Vaneo turned out a synthesis of diverse styles.
Introduced the vehicle in 2001, and despite high technical and speed performance, the experts criticized the design. The car was squat, and as if pecking his nose.
In 2005, the model was removed from production due to low sales. Like the best, but the car did not meet expectations.

 Nissan S-Cargo

This unusual wagon was produced from 1989 to 1992. And buy it could only in Japan. While the Nissan was pretty good, so they are very a lot of experimenting with different designs. Car S-Cargo was released only about 12 000 copies, which is extremely low for Japan.
In people, this model is called "snail" because of its similarity to the shell of this amazing animal.

Citroën Ami

France is world-famous as a center of fashion, but this did not prevent the French company Citroën to make a model called Ami. In the photo you see what can happen when merges together the questionable aesthetics, coupled with bad aerodynamics. But, who doesn't make mistakes?

Volkswagen Type 181

VW Type 181 was designed for the German military in the late 1960-ies, but it was sold as a civilian vehicle since the 1980's under several names, including the Trekker in the UK and The Thing SHA. It is quite possible that the German army could go to cans, but the population of such design, of course, was not to the soul.

 Nissan Cube

The name of this model speaks for itself. It's just a cube! And if the previous models were really angular cubes, then since 2002 in the design Cube have been some changes. Appeared the streamlined forms, window openings are more rounded. Many people think this design is cute, but there are people who say the opposite. A concern for many people especially the asymmetric arrangement of the rear window.

 Chrysler PT Cruiser

This model was an attempt to return to the world of enchanting magical the smell of a Zot-birth 1950-ies. And despite the fact that according to representatives of the group, the attempt was unsuccessful, in Russia you can find a lot of these cars. Moreover, in their feedback, the owners of these cars are full of praise for this model.

Fiat 600 Multipla Marinella

This van can be considered cute, but the style of this car is more suitable for an amusement Park.

1999 Ford Taurus

About Ford Taurus little known in Russia, however, this model is one of the most popular in the world. Since 1986, the world has sold over 7 million copies of "Tauruses" (correct to say "Ford Tores"). In the United States in the mid-90s this model was the best-selling, second in sales only to Toyota Camry, the Japanese. After the success of the Ford Corporation in 1999 made a new "Tores", which ended the trend of high popularity of the model.

 Dartz Prombron Black Shark

Complete review of the miracle of the automotive industry of the Latvian company, which specializiruetsya in the production of military equipment.
It is immediately evident that the production of military vehicles was reflected in the civic model, more like a small armored car. "Black shark" turned aggressive, as it should be sea predator.
Available armoured option, popular among industrial magnates and politicians of the Eastern States.


On the photo: Fiat Multipla
That came to an end a kind of overview of the most ugly cars, although the taste and color of comrades there. And someone rightly observed that beauty in the car is not the most important thing to go, not broke and consumed less fuel and do not pollute the environment.
If you want to watch similar rating cars of domestic production, write in the comments and we will write about it.