TOP 10 amazing and mysterious ancient texts

Still people find scrolls, tablets, manuscripts, books with ancient texts. These texts allow us to experience the story. Amazing what kind of information the people at that time thought important enough to record it. The history of religions, poems, books on military Affairs, scientific texts can all be found in the found artifacts. Here are 10 interesting and mysterious ancient texts that were found by the people.

"The art of war" sun Tzu

The art of war is one of the most famous texts of antiquity throughout the world. The book was written by sun Tzu in the fifth century BC, It is divided into 13 chapters, the main purpose is to tell the reader about the creation of a proper military strategy.

"If your enemy is protected from all sides, you need to be willing to take the hit. If his forces are superior to yours, avoid the collision. If your opponent is aggressive and violent, then try to knock it out of balance. Pretend to be weak to it woke up arrogance. If he is relaxed, take advantage of this. If the army are one, try to share it. Strike where the enemy is not prepared to repulse the attack, appear where you do not expect."

Manuscript Takenouchi

Found manuscript Takenouchi was made 1500 years ago. According to experts, these ancient texts are in fact translations of older documents. They were written by the gods themselves, and Takenouchi translated them.

They described how the world was formed 300 million years ago. At first it was a sea of mud, which gave rise to the gods. Then the gods created the first people. Their children founded the ancient dynasty, and the next generation traveled the world and founded their own Nations.
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"The divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri

The book tells about the structure of the nine circles of hell. Hell is on earth. This story is an allegory about the journey of the soul to God.

"In the middle of my life's journey I found myself in a dark forest, Because you have no focus. Hard to describe How this forest was wild, rough and rugged. The thought of him makes me fear. Death is only slightly worse.

I can't remember how I got there, I was too tired at the moment When he strayed. But when I reached the foot of the mountain - In the place ended in a valley that Pierced my heart with terror, I looked up and saw her shoulders..."

Epic of Gilgamesh

The epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest texts extant. Is an epic poem from Mesopotamia. The text begins with five poems of Gilgamesh — king of Uruk. The work was created over 1.5 thousand years.

The most complete version includes about 3 thousand verses, it was established in the VII century BC
The text tackles many issues that are relevant in our time: friendship, attempts to accomplish new discoveries, love and the pursuit of immortality.

The copper scroll

The copper scroll is the most special and mysterious of the Dead sea scrolls (Qumran manuscripts). This is the only scroll that was written on copper, the rest set out on parchment or papyrus. Scrolls and other works of literature, and the copper scroll contains a list of the location of precious metals — gold and silver.

This is a kind of treasure map.
The scroll was found in a cave in Qumran. Estimated time, when he was put to the II — I centuries BC

The Iliad

An epic poem from Ancient Greece. Written By Homer. The story is about the rivalry between Achilles and king Agamemnon during the Trojan war.

"Achilles looked at him and said, "you Fool, don't tell me about agreements. There can be no agreements between people and lions, wolves and sheep will never be one looks, they deeply hate each other. So we come to a mutual understanding, between us there can be no agreements until one of us won't die."


Odyssey" is a sequel to Iliad.
"This is a wild wine drives me, It makes the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs, Laugh like a fool, it encourages people to dance and even Tempts him to tell stories, which would be better for nobody to know."

Books on Chinese medicine bian Que

The books were discovered in 2013. It was found in a tomb of the Han dynasty. Bian Que was a legendary doctor in Chinese history. He possessed superb medical skills. Records of the historians say that he had the ability to see through people. According to legend, he helped some old man, who in gratitude presented him with the drug. After receiving his bian Que had the opportunity to see through the human body. According to historical records, the doctors of the Han dynasty studied those books.

Thirty-six stratagems

The text was supposedly written by Zhuge Liang in the three kingdoms period. Historians believe that it was passed not only in writing but also orally. Book "Thirty-six stratagems" is divided into 6 chapters, each of which contains 6 strategies.

Zhuge Liang was a great General of his time. To this day it is one of the most famous personalities of Chinese history. Jurassischen his amazing intellect and strategic skills. The first three chapters contain strategies that will be effective if you have an advantage over the enemy. The last three will help — if you are at a disadvantage.

Emerald tablet

A legendary scroll that contains the secrets of the Universe. No one knows exactly where it came from, but it was one of the most influential texts on alchemy. I believe that it reveals the secret of the substrate — a key ingredient necessary to create the philosopher's stone. Presumably, the author is Hermes Trismegistus.

The tablet connected with the book written in Arabic language in VI — VIII centuries Say that the book was found on the dead body of Hermes, but the evidence that no no. According to other legends, the book was discovered in Atlantis.