TOP 10 most unusual festivals in the world

The planet Earth is home to more than 4 thousand ethnic groups, each with their own national culture, traditions, rituals and holidays. Historical science and archeological studies confirm that the events appeared during the birth of religious beliefs.

If peoples still possible to calculate, with the holidays such a procedure is impossible to do. Take a trip on the planet, and find out what are the most unusual festivals in the world.

TOP 10 most unusual festivals in the world

Day pirate

A celebration in honor of the pirates began the March around the world in the US, and is traditionally celebrated in September. Thanks to the media and social networks it has become quite popular in European and Asian countries. It's now an official international holiday.
Now, few are surprised when, on 19 September on the streets of thousands of people in the garb of pirates and parrots on the shoulder. On the streets of Russia to this day hear familiar songs, including "yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum" is the most popular.

The championship is scary and funny faces

The British claim that such an unusual championship traces its history back to 1297. But either way, every year at the fair of crabs, lots of people to look at scary faces, pretending that the contestants.
The absolute champion is considered the legendary Peter Jackson. In order to become a champion, the man pulled out all her teeth, which allowed him to build a scary faces.

Banquet of monkeys

Thailand surprises with its original tradition, and in Lopburi province is an unusual festival featuring monkeys. Lunch invited more than 500 monkeys, which is prepared for tropical treats.
A feast is held in honor of the most revered in the country of Lord Rama. According to one legend, monkeys helped God to defeat their enemies, because for them to arrange a sumptuous feast.
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Battle of the tomatoes is held in late August in the Spanish town of Bunyola. The Spaniards are temperamental and cheerful people, because see off summer with fireworks, incendiary dancing to traditional Spanish music.
The culmination of the festival becomes a battle of tomatoes on the main city square, on which trucks dumped tons of red vegetables. Participants throw them at each other, and the streets fill with real tomato of the river.

The naked festival Hadaka Matsuri

One of the most conservative in terms of the culture of the country, sometimes relaxes on a very original festivals. The holiday has ancient tradition, after all, is from 767. In the temple Saidaji going only men. From clothes to them only a small piece of cloth, tied at the hips. The purpose of the ritual to attract good fortune and the favor of the gods.
After the ceremony in the temple, when the participants are cleansed from the defilement of men marching through the streets of Nara. Any passerby can touch the participants to get rid of misfortunes. You must have a certain courage and health to participate in the ritual because it takes place in February.

March of the zombies

The tradition of the New world has long ceased to surprise the inhabitants of the good old Europe, but the parade can tickle the nerves of even the most persistent. In many cities of the USA and Canada is a kind of zombie-BOM, when the streets are hundreds of "living dead" in search of the victims.
Masks and costumes of the participants are astonishingly varied. Someone just buys in stores rubber mask, and someone who bleeds real blood, scaring passers-by.


The Scottish town of Lerwick is famous because in it are holiday, Ophelia. The townspeople built a huge Viking ship, dress up in armor and parade about the city.
Torchlight procession of Vikings brings together thousands of people, and all this is accompanied by drums and the sound of the copper horn. Model ship bear to the sea, and there, burning, thrown into the water. Everything takes place in accordance with the tradition of the burial rite of the Vikings, who were buried the fallen warriors.

The flower parade

In the homeland of tulips on the first weekend of autumn every year there is a colorful festival of flowers. In the town of Aalsmeer gather thousands of participants and tourists, who are watching the festive procession.
On mobile platforms on the main street moving colorful flower beds, behind them strode the heroes of fairy tales and myths. Loud music sounds, and townsfolk's houses are decorated with thousands of flowers. The procession ends in the main square of the capital of Holland, where a concert.


India, has always been and remains a country of mysteries and secrets, because it is an unusual festival of colors called Holi. Thousands of people in new moon poured itself in colours, noting such an original way the arrival of spring.
A holiday has long ago stepped beyond the boundaries of India and has gained tens of thousands followers worldwide. In Russia, even people far from the Buddhist traditions, this day sprinkle themselves with paints, and I wish you all peace and prosperity, prosperity in the house.


This title is a celebration on Easter island. On this day relatives perform rituals in honor of dead ancestors. Ritual dances are held at the temples, and participants are dressed in special ritual clothes.
Other than dancing, at the feast of Tapai hold unusual competition in which men and women running around with large bunches of bananas. In the end the jury, consisting of elders, selects the Queen of the celebration.


To summarize, we observe some holidays are so unusual that the representatives of other cultures difficult to understand their essence and purpose. But the world expands, and in the period of globalization many unusual holidays are international.