TOP 10 strange and obscure facts about milk

That person then milk? I have a lot. Because since birth we first feel in my mouth the taste of mother's milk and with age we are always surrounded by delicious and healthy dairy products. So we can safely say that this is the number one product in the world. But further, we offer you to look at milk from a different angle and open, it's possible that an unexpected quarter.

TOP 10 strange and obscure facts about milk

Cow cannibalism

Imagine this scene — a cow eats another cow. Presented? Well, would you drink cow milk then? The next time you buy milk at the store, you may wonder about its origin.
Do you think that the process of obtaining milk through advertising, which tended a herd of cows chewing on green meadows, pure grass, and then eat the fodder? Ideally so, but for farmers it's too expensive. They need to get more milk at minimum cost. Here is waste-free production. Processing plants take dead animals and make them into bone meal and proteins. All of this is then added to the diet of animals.
But this has its own negative side. Protein obtained from dead animals, can cause mad cow disease. All about prions. It is almost indestructible protein that literally eats away the brain from the inside out, leaving a viscous void. Mad cow can be infected and people.
Sadly, the cause of this disease are the people themselves. After all, cows are herbivores. Well, they do not eat meat, so mother nature was up to. And we submit them, in fact, their counterparts, and why there are such terrible disease. This suggests that it is not necessary for the human to intervene in the laws of nature.

Cows like to listen to slow music

Buying milk, to some extent, we can thank Lou reed, author of the song "Perfect Day" ("Perfect day"). The fact that scientists from the University of Leicester conducted a study which showed that this slow song picks up the mood of the cows, thereby increasing milk yields.
Believe it or not, but it is a proven fact. Songs with a slow rate of less than 100 beats per minute can increase milk productivity in cows 3 percent. They have a relaxing effect on animals. The cows after a "sound bath" only remains as to focus on the production of milk.
Other effective tunes include "Bridge over Troubled Water" (Simon and Garfunkel), "What a Difference a Day Makes" (Aretha Franklin) and "Everybody Hurts" (R. E. M.).
But not all share this opinion. Canadians, and more specifically, the Department of agriculture of Canada, relate to this study skeptical. According to them, this experience was conducted only once, no it is not repeat not checked since 2001. They believe that there is no connection with particular songs and increase milk production in cows. Most likely, the music just drowns out the other unpleasant sounds, such as from a milking machine or a tractor, and the cows feel more comfortable. But if you keep cows, why don't you try to include them some slow song and test the theory yourself?

Skim milk and creamy fabric

Before skim milk don't drink. Residues from the processing of milk, along with whey and buttermilk dumped into rivers as waste. Dairy factories in the U.S. in Wisconsin in the 1920-ies dumped 18,000 litres of dairy waste into waterways statewide each year. All this was piling up, and there was a terrible smell. To stop contamination, and along with this mindless approach to production, dairy company decided to find another use skim milk.
Since 1940, U.S. companies began to supply the allied countries dried skim milk. Of even more interest to skim milk appeared after it was declared that it is effective for weight loss. But the most important and useful application of skim milk is a casein.
From casein began to make garments and other textile products. Inspired by new material, it was believed that clothing made from casein will be the new trend. But after a few years the interest in new material has waned. It's all in the complexity of production and the quality of the products from casein.
It was not until 2011, while the German Frau named Anke Damaske did not invent his famous QMilch. Innovation Anke is the use of not fresh, and sour milk to produce casein. This tainted milk in Germany translates into huge volumes. The material is odorless, hypoallergenic for man and easily mixed with other fabrics. Now Anke Damaske own clothing line "Mademoiselle Chi Chi".

Boys and girls get different milk

Men and women biologically are all folded differently. This is understandable, because we are different genders. In men, severe muscles and skeleton. Women are more smooth and fragile. It is also known that women live longer than men. But also men and women have different milk.
Research on monkeys showed that the composition of breast milk in females has varied from the one she gave birth to a boy or a girl. If there was a boy, the fat content of milk was increased to 35%, and if you were a girl, in milk had more protein and calcium. It is assumed that increased fat boys need in their hectic pace. And in General, girls receive higher-quality composition of milk than boys.
In other animals there is a change of composition of milk depending on the sex. For example, cows, deer, grey seals, as well as us humans. Scientists at the University of Michigan watched 72 Kenyan women. They found that mothers, nursing boys had more fat milk. All the same, the differences in composition, as observed in macaques. But was seen and a few other strange differences. It has been observed that women from poor families produced higher quality milk for the girls, with plenty of protein and fats. But successful women from developed countries on the contrary, boys were more nutritious milk. This suggests that differences not only by gender but also social status.
But scientists still can't find the cause of the differences in the composition of milk. But down to the fact that this discovery should take into account the company's production of baby food and adapt the output mix for both sexes.

Most people can't digest cow's milk

Pour a glass of milk and drink. How does it feel? Are there any signs of diarrhoea or flatulence? If not, you can safely consider yourself a mutant.
It is estimated that around 65% of people on Earth can't digest milk. It's all about the lactase, the enzyme needed to digest lactose. In turn, lactose is a sugar contained in milk. Every little baby produces lactase to digest mother's milk. When the child moves to solid food, the production of lactase gradually decreases with age, and all can cease. Such people lactose is not digested and accumulates in the intestines, causing diarrhea and nausea.
But some people have been able to adapt to drink milk throughout life. This applies to most people from Europe, Africa, Asia and India.
About 12 thousand years ago some people have a gene that allows you to digest lactose. There are different opinions of the origin of this anomaly in humans. Some believe that people have adapted on the background of crop loss and food shortage. Others think that the Europeans lacked sunlight, and milk became a valuable source of vitamin D. Africans were afraid to drink water from rivers and lakes for fear of infections. The milk was a safe alternative to drinking water.

Wonders of the bird's milk

Not only mammals can produce milk for their offspring. It can and some birds. Take, for example, pigeons. By the way, about the most beautiful species of pigeons we wrote one of our articles on hotshot.eu.org. These ubiquitous "urban residents" develop a thick substance, like milk and feed it to their Chicks. And this is an important part of their diet, without which they will not survive. Pigeon milk is produced in the crop and is stored in the esophagus. A few days before hatching, the female and the male begins to produce this substance. If the Chicks are hungry, someone of the parents opens the beak, and Chicks get their dose of milk. Not only pigeons produce milk. Emperor penguins and Flamingo Chicks are fed a nutritious mixture of your goiter. Now we can safely say that pigeon's milk does exist.

Why dairy products are in the back of the stores?

Woke up this morning and you have nothing to fill your favorite cereal? Need to go to the supermarket for a carton of fresh milk. In many countries milk and dairy products — is an integral part of the diet of the inhabitants. But that's why dairy products are always in the back of the store? This is for two reasons.
First, it is a marketing ploy. Most buyers will definitely look into the dairy Department, but it must still be reached. The path stretches stalls with a wide variety of goods. Until we come to milk, we will distribute half of the basket of unplanned purchases.
Second, this arrangement is rational from the point of view of convenience. That the milk remains fresh, it should be kept chilled. From the producer of the milk in stores is delivered by special cars, and the store loads in the freezer. These cameras in direct proximity to the dairy Department at the end of the store. So the product of the maximum is longer in a cold environment.

The secret witch's milk

Most of us believe that only women are able to breastfeed, but it turns out that men can produce milk. They only need more of the hormone prolactin in the body. It is responsible for milk production.
Sounds strange, but almost every man is able to raise prolactin levels, but these ways are not very pleasant. For example, a pituitary tumor would cause increased amounts of prolactin. You can also ruin your liver systematic malnutrition or to take antibiotics, which affect chemical processes in the body. And you can start massaging the nipples. Yes, this massage will cause the alveoli in the breast to produce milk.
Not only people have seen this phenomenon. Scientists have identified the possibility of lactation in males, goats, bats, and Guinea pigs.
More interestingly, newborn babies, too, can sometimes produce milk three days after birth. Such milk is called "witch's milk". The chest of the baby swells, releasing the milk. This can happen from too much estrogen, which allocates the child's mother in the womb. Fear for the baby's health not worth it, everything comes back to normal after a couple of weeks.
But we know that now, but before it was connected with the spirits. It was believed that witches used the milk for babies to feed their spirits and demons. In the Middle ages parents put in the crib baby rag dolls to trick the spirits and ward off from the baby.
By the way, hotshot.eu.org there is an interesting article about most beautiful witches from movies.

Pig's milk

For most of us, the ordinary milk is cow's milk. There are many fans of goat milk or cheese. From the whole milk variety on the planet can still be called camel milk, used to make camel milk. It is, incidentally, valuable beverage in the East. And also drink Mare's milk. It is obtained from the famous Mare, which previously nomads used as an alcoholic beverage. All these dairy products are extremely useful and more or less stuck in our society.
But there is a mammal that most people would never associate with milk production. This is a pig. To teach her to milking is not that hard, this is generally not possible.
In pigs, there are 14 small nipples, which are very difficult to compress. Pork milk is bad minimized, and to obtain from it the cheese difficult. But that doesn't stop chef Edward Lee. He's just obsessed with pigs. He has repeatedly tried to get the cheese from pig's milk. To milk them, he succeeds only in dreams. I must say that this milk is curtailed already better.
In 2014, Lee came up with a new strategy for obtaining pig's milk. He said that's going to be implemented in the pig family and live with them in a cage until they accept him. Such a focus has already been enthusiasts with lions and other predators. He hoped that the pigs allow him to milk and then his restaurant will serve fresh cheese from pig's milk. And would you like to try such a product?

Sale breast milk online

The U.S. government strictly monitors the circulation of blood or semen, but breast milk is considered a normal food. This means that any mother, with the surplus of their milk may sell it.
Indeed, many mothers donate their milk to banks a special, where it is pasteurized and sent to the hospital or direct buyers. Is such milk is about $130 per liter.
But not everyone wants such milk, after all it is recycled. Then comes to the aid of a Internet site Only the Breast, which created a pair of California Glenn and Hallie of Snag. There you can sell or buy real breast milk without any processing. To attract buyers, moms even use colourful names such as "fresh and fatty!". There are special sections where you can find milk months of life. On average, selling 1 litre a day, she can earn up to $20 000 per year. But not all women want money, many are willing to pay the excess absolutely free. This site helps Eats on Feets.
The government is not against such a movement, but warns to buy someone else's milk can be dangerous. The study showed that almost 4% of potential milk donors suffer from hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.
In Russia, the major sites for selling breast milk we found, but there are several groups in social networks, where women offer their milk. Price for 100g. starts from 50 rubles, which is much less than in the US.