Top 10 tea producers in the world

Tea is one of the most loved and most used by people beverage in the world. Tea lovers use every opportunity to take a break and drink a Cup of fragrant beverage. Tea is calming but at the same time, tones up and refreshes the body. That is why a lot of people in the morning do not drink coffee and tea.You can easily find a variety of tea brands in any corner of the planet.

 Some Maki is incredibly expensive, the price of the other remains available for any person level. These tea manufacturers are doing their best to improve their product. To cater to the consumers, technologists tea companies began to introduce in manufacture of beverages with different flavors. In this article we will talk about the best world producers of tea, which combine in their products high quality, unique taste and reasonable price.

 Top 10 tea producers in the world


This English brand is one of the oldest producers of tea. The company was founded back in 1837. Tetley is the second in the world in production and export of tea, distributing its products in more than 40 countries in the world. In tea bags Tetley you'll find about 60 different flavors that meet the requirements of the most exacting connoisseurs of the drink.
Its taste is incredibly rich, soft, and versatile. Mark Tetley was acquired by the Indian conglomerate Tata Group in 2000. Six years Tetley merged with another tea manufacturer Tata Tea. This brand is the largest producer of tea in countries such as Canada and the UK (the British certainly know a lot about this drink). A subsidiary of Tata Global Beverages, Tetley company, offers you one of the best teas in the world!

 Yorkshire Tea

Like the previous brand, Yorkshire Tea boasts of a rich history. The firm was founded in the nineteenth century, namely in 1886. Initially, the so-called black variety of tea produced by the company Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate.
Since the founding of the brand, he has reached incredible heights, considered one of the best suppliers of tea in the world. And the company is successfully engaged in selling coffee. Yorkshire Tea does not limit itself to making only black tea, offering their customers various flavors of refreshing drink.
The producers assure that the taste of their tea will delight your taste buds and will contribute to the rejuvenation of the body. The brand uses only the finest tea varieties grown in Kenya, Sri Lanka and the Indian state of Assam. The most popular varieties of tea from this manufacturer are the classic Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Tea for hard water, Yorkshire Gold and Yorkshire Tea are naturally caffeine free. And today, the brand is expanding its Empire, producing various types of cakes, cookies, and fruit cakes are perfect for tea.


Bigelow is in the top ten tea brands in the world, producing and selling tea around the world. This American brand at the time was founded as a small family business, eventually becoming a major player in the market of production of tea. Bigelow offers several options for their products. Among the most popular tea of this brand is called black, green and herbal teas. Even despite the fact that the company is still in private hands, the annual profit is at least $90 million.
A nice feature of this manufacturer is the rejection of the use of various additives in the process of tea production. Here you will find only the pure taste of the drink, no additional flavors and ingredients. The largest number of workers of the company were recorded in 2009. At that time, Bigelow worked 350. All teas produced by the company is pleasant to the taste, making the brand one of the most famous and beloved in the world.
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Perhaps Lipton is one of the most popular tea brands in the country. In addition, mark is considered, almost the oldest tea brand in the world, as "Lipton" occupies a leading position on the market for the last 125 years. The company is owned by the Corporation Unilever, which brought together the leading food producers from all over the world. The Lipton brand was founded in the UK, gradually expanding its influence outside the United Kingdom. The tea produced by the company, is not only an unforgettable taste, but also high quality.
The company's founder, Thomas Lipton from the very beginning of the company put stringent requirements on the quality of the product, not sustaining any compromise. This allowed us to provide consumers the best tea, without losing position in the market for several decades already. At the time, under the brand Lipton was open a chain of supermarkets across Britain, but later it was sold to Argyll Foods, which allowed the company to direct all their attention to the production of tea. No matter what corner of the world you are, any local resident among the three most famous producers of tea, be sure to call Lipton. According to the editorial hotshot.eu.org that is the main achievement of the brand!


This company from Sri Lanka has achieved incredible, becoming one of the most popular tea brands in the world. The brand was founded in 1974 and since then has been steadily moving up the "career ladder". Dilmah sells its products in more than 100 of the world powers. Tea producers are proud of not only its premium quality, rich taste, forcing people to give preference Marche Dilmah.
If you haven't tried green or black tea from Dilmah (which, of course, unlikely, given the popularity of this brand in Russia), do it. It is noteworthy that the brand name was selected by combining two names, Dilhan and Malik. It was the name of the sons of the founder of the company. Empire Dilmah covers many countries around the world. Among the main consumers of tea from this manufacturer, except Russia, are Australia, Japan, Lithuania, South Africa, UK, Indonesia, Hungary, New Zealand, Chile, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine and Canada.

 The Republic of Tea

This American private company produces the best tea in the world. At least, so says the leadership of the brand and the consumers of their products. The hallmark of The Republic of Tea is that they use only organic products, abandoning harmful additives, which makes their tea is really good for health. Thus, the products of The Republic of Tea buy not only for "enjoyment" taste buds, but also as a medicine. This is the first brand in the world, released red and white tea. In the beginning of its existence, the brand also produced wines and other beverages.
In addition to organic teas from The Republic of Tea, they are also attracted by its exoticism. You have to like their original packaging tea bags and Packed in high cans of cylindrical shape. All these nice features only add to the popularity of the manufacturer.

 Harney & Sons

This company is relatively young. It was founded in 1983. However, "youth" does not interfere with Harney & Sons to occupy one of leading places in the market of manufacturers of tea, pampering its customers the best varieties of the drink, which has an incredible aroma and rich taste. Compared to other companies in the paper products of this brand are more expensive, plus they try to sell their product in the luxury stores and hotels around the world.
Harney & Sons was nominated in 2009 as the best tea producer in the world. In addition, released the book "a Guide to tea from Harney & Sons" which also received a nomination for the prize of James Byrd. Tea of this brand also has an original and beautiful packaging, where the box you will find the history of class and taste, which is inside. In addition to the standard tea bags, the tea producers of this brand it is Packed in bags of silk.


This brand is the third largest tea producer in the world. Classic and herbal teas offered by this brand will amaze you with the richness of its taste. The history of the company began growing tea on the field in Portland, but that all changed when Tazo was purchased by Starbucks. Currently, the position of the brand among producers of tea are quite strong, which is not surprising under the patronage of such giants as Starbucks.
You can try a variety of teas from Tazo that are sure to delight you with its taste. A characteristic feature of the company's products are tea bags in different sizes. Small bags have been specially designed for people who are not "rotated" on the quality of tea, and willing to sacrifice his fortress for a nice price.

 Celestial Seasonings

The second place among producers of tea is the American brand Celestial Seasonings. The subject of special pride of the company's management is their herbal tea, calming the nerves and at the same time toning the body. However, under this brand, in addition to herbal, you will find white, black and green teas that will appeal to lovers of this drink. The headquarters of the company is located in boulder, Colorado, and the annual income from sales is about $100 million.


The best tea brand in the world, which produced and produces the most amazing teas with unique taste, is Twinings. Hard to believe, but this British brand was founded in 1706, making it the world's oldest company that produces tea. Even harder to imagine that throughout time, the brand was popular and became the holder of several world records. For example, a company logo is considered to be the oldest continually operating in the world! Also a sign of quality, Twinings is the fact that he comes to the Royal court.
The company produces a variety of teas that are sold all over the world. The brand is owned by Associated British Foods, being one of the leading companies of the Corporation. Annual sales of the tea brands reach unimaginable proportions. Our country has 5 lines of products of this famous company.
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