TOP 10 touching stories about Siamese twins

Siamese twins referred to two newborns with fused body parts. Their "connection" can be in different places, and the doctors share these twins into two types: symmetric and asymmetric. This, at first glance, the small separation has radical implications for the twins.
Symmetrical conjoined twins have all the organs and body parts, which will be enough for the self-full life. The only anomaly birth — the confluence of tel. In the case of asymmetric conjoined twins is much more complicated. Usually one twin is smaller and weaker, and at some point ceases to develop, parasitizing at the expense of the second. These brothers cannot be separated by surgery, to increase the chance of strong survival.

Conjoined twins are not an example of mutation of genes, and arise from a single fertilized egg (and twins), which must be separated at some stage to form two people. However, delay cell division, the two embryos are joined, which contributes to the appearance of Siamese twins. In accordance with another theory, the embryos are connected before the separation, at an early stage of its development.
You can learn about 10 Siamese twins stands out for its uniqueness and interesting history.

TOP 10 touching stories about Siamese twins

Ronnie and Donnie Gelion

Siamese twins Ronnie and Donnie Gelion were born at the end of October 1951, and was remodeled in the abdominal cavity. In 2009 they were listed in the Guinness Book of records as the longest-living conjoined twins. Today, their age is close to 70 years. This result is rather surprising, given that conjoined twins have a pretty short lifespan. Unfortunately, many conjoined twins die at birth or soon after birth.
Ronnie and Donnie not just survived, but have become real stars, working in the circus and living a full life (although in childhood they were forbidden to attend school so that other children are not distracted from studying). United in the lower part of the abdomen, each of the brothers have "their own" limbs. The only thing they share is the intestines and the penis.

Lori and Reba Chapel

Lori and Reba Chapel — conjoined twins craniopagus. They were born in 1961 in a small North American town in Pennsylvania. This type of twins is born with fused heads that confronts doctors is almost impossible to divide people. Twins are born craniopagus of not less than two and a half million rare and even among the Siamese twins, ranging from 2 to 6 percent of the total. Like Lori and Reba, they have a common part of the brain that makes it impossible for their separation.
Lori and Reba are forced to spend all his life with the United heads. Despite this, the Rebbe was able to make a career as a performer in country style. At one point the girl said that they always felt like a boy and changed his name to George.

Erin and Abby Delaney

The story of Erin and Abby Delaney, is an example of a miracle and the professionalism of doctors. Like Siamese twins Chappel, Erin and Abby were craniopagus, fused in the upper part of the skull. They were born in the summer of 2016, and ten months later, the doctors performed the operation on their separation, which lasted 11 hours and ended with success. For its implementation took work 30 physicians.
Separation of conjoined twins of this type are extraordinarily rare. The operation was extremely difficult as the twins share blood vessels, is necessary for life and normal functioning of the brain. One misstep, one mistake, and both twins could die on the operating table. Separation at such a young age will provide girls with a full life. They will grow up not even remembering the physical bond at birth.

Frankincense and Lale, Bijani

Sisters Lale and Ladan was born in Iran in 1974. Their story was not so joyful, like Siamese twins Delaney. Girls were also craniopagus my entire life trying to separate. Since they were connected in the brain, doctors evaluated the operation to separate, as unusually risky. For this reason, the German experts refused to help the girls.
However, their desire to be separated was so great that conjoined twins Ladan and Lala went to the doctors in Singapore who undertook a risky operation. On assurances of doctors, they tried to dissuade the girls. The adoptive father of Ladan and Lale, on the contrary, claims that the doctors insisted on surgery. The foster mother said about the unwillingness of Incense, while Lala was terrified.
Unfortunately, both girls died from complications that caused a large loss of blood. At the time of surgery they were 29 years old. However, their death was not in vain. The doctors were able to better understand exactly how to conduct such operations, increasing the success rate of separation of craniopagus.
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Liu Seng-sen and Liu Tung-sen

Brothers Liu Seng-sen and Liu Tung-sen was a Siamese twin xiphopagus. This means that they have grown together cartilage to the lower abdomen. The twins were born in China in 1886, earning a living as performances in different parts of Asia.
Despite the fact that the exact date of the birth of twins is unknown, some sources claim that they died in 71. If this is true, then they are the most long-living pair of conjoined twins in history. However, the theory is still not confirmed, however, as it is not contradicted.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Born in 1990, britti and Abby Hensel are conjoined twins parapegma. Such twins have a common torso with a pair of arms and legs, but two heads. Head girls filled with different thoughts and desires that they share in one body. Despite the rarity of this fusion (occurs in only 5% of conjoined twins), the girls live a normal life. They successfully got a driver's license in Minnesota. Interestingly, girls had to pass the test, as each of the sisters manages "his" arm and leg, and feels only his half of the body. Both sisters passed the exams.
This separation causes women to act in unison, watching the movement of the limbs of each of the sisters. However, they are not only great walking and running, but even I bike, swim and do volleyball. Abby and Britti live a full life and not ashamed of their "features". At some point, they even led to a reality show on television, and now teach math in school, not at all complaining that they are paid a salary of one man.
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Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova

Masha and Dasha Krivoshlyapova was born in the USSR in early 1950. They had spliced in at the waist with a split at 180 degrees bodies and the representatives of the Siamese twins of ishiagu. Each sister was "his" set of organs and limbs, the only thing they "shared" were the legs. Below the belt, it was one man, above two different.
Their story was tragic from birth to death girls. After birth, the doctors took the girls from their parents, telling them that they died of pneumonia. In infancy over the sisters conducted research in the institutes of medicine. To see the reaction of conjoined twins, doctors have conducted many experiments, including extreme temperature changes, isolation and sensory deprivation.
This led to the development of the two personalities of the antagonists that constantly fought among themselves. At one point Dasha tried to hang himself, for the reason that dominant over her Mary forbade her to enter into a relationship with any guy. Sister died in 2003, a difference of about 17 hours. The first result of a heart attack (one of the reasons is called alcohol dependence) died Mary. A day later Dasha died, as the sisters had one circulatory system, the second girl died because of intoxication. It is difficult to imagine how could feel Dasha, knowing that he will die soon followed his sister.

Conner and Carter Maribel

Conner and Carter Meribel — conjoined twins from Florida, which has had successful surgery to separation only in 2018. They were connected at the abdomen, sharing one stomach for two. Also they shared a liver, intestines and bile ducts. Despite the difficulties, a team of highly skilled surgeons were able to share common bodies, saving brothers life. Before surgery the prognosis was unfavorable, according to doctors, chances of success was only 25%, however, they succeeded in their plan.
This operation shows that modern medicine has reached heights that allow you to separate Siamese twins, giving them the opportunity to live a full life.

Artur and Heitor Rocha

Brazilian twins Arthur and Heitor Rocha born in 2009 with a compound in the abdomen. They are often shown on television, which made the brothers extremely popular all over the world. Arthur and Heitor shared a liver, bladder and intestines. The brothers were associated in the past five years. Over time, the weight Heitor was the "loading" of the spine and internal organs Arthur, so their parents decided to make the separating operation. The risk was high, which ultimately led to Arthur's death. Such complex intergrowths often inoperable, surgery may lead to the death of both twins, or as in this case, one of them.

Chang and eng Bunker

Life Chang and eng Bunker were quite unusual even for conjoined twins. They are considered "founding fathers" of the term. Nickname brothers (and all subsequent conjoined twins) was because the were born on the territory of modern Thailand, which at that time was called Siam.
The twins were born in 1811, speaking from 1929 to 1939 in British circus, and then moved to America. Initially, the Americans treated them as slaves, seeing the twins in the only way to earn a huge fortune. Over time, the Bankers were able to avoid the influence of the so-called managers, and began to work on themselves. The brothers became an American citizen, gathered his own troupe, and later bought a farm and own a few slaves. They married the Yates sisters (no, girls were not Siamese twins) who give birth to them a bunch of children. From Chung there were 10 of them, and ang 11.
Chang, who was suffering from addiction to alcohol, suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of the body. Eng single-handedly moved the brother before Chang died in 1874. Brother survived him for a few hours. They died at the age of 62 years.