TOP 17 best and most effective drugs for the hangover

Since there are many drinks containing alcohol, different Nations have developed traditional drinking culture. But no matter how correctly or used alcoholic beverages, still there comes a hangover. Medical science has still not recognized the nature of this phenomenon.

 But pharmacologists create drugs, relieving the severe consequences of drinking. In this brief review, the most effective hangover cure that you can buy at any pharmacy or supermarket.

TOP 17 best and most effective drugs for the hangover


Anti-hangover substance contains natural ingredients that causes no side effects. The tool prevents hangovers, and does not fight with its consequences.
The main ingredients are succinic acid and citric acid, saturating the cells with oxygen and improve metabolism. "Alakol" reduces the toxic effects of alcohol.

You need to apply a few hours before drinking. You can dissolve the capsules in water and apply at the time of the celebration.
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A hangover is a consequence of intoxication with substances of alcohol decomposition. To relieve the discomfort necessary to detox that can be carried out using sorbents.
Hangover "Enterosgel", developed in 80-e years, is such an effective sorbent. It absorbs acetaldehyde, and removes them from the body.
To relieve alcohol withdrawal syndromes it is necessary to take 3 tablespoons of the drug, and drink plenty of water. Enterosgel binds to acetaldehyde and ethanol, and removing it from the blood and organs.


Another remedy prevent hangovers. It accelerates the breakdown of alcohol and prevent painful sensations.
It is composed of different herbs. Licorice root and ginseng rejuvenate. Ginger and mate extract act as tonic substances. The manual says that it contains vitamins and antioxidants. This combination will accelerate the body's metabolism, and quickly bring the poison.
If you use "ДринкOff" the hangover, the drug will have a tonic effect, improve health, improve health.


Today one of the most famous hangover tools that will easily remove the consequences of alcohol intoxication.
The composition is quite simple. Aspirin relieves headaches, and citric acid and the baking soda will restore the balance of minerals. For the effect of two pills is better to drink before bedtime, and two in the morning, if feel unwell.
"Alka-Seltzer" will quickly restore strength and relieve discomfort. Tablets must be dissolved in warm water, then the effect of the drug will be more effective.


Fighting an antioxidant, which perfectly removes effects of excessive consumption of alcohol.
Zoreks accelerates the process of disintegration of alcohol and protects the liver. Unitiol contains a component that effectively removes toxic substances from the body.
The drug easily removes dizziness, nausea, discomfort in the abdomen. You need to apply carefully as "zoreks" can cause allergies.


Created "Alko-buffer" on the basis of milk Thistle and succinic acid. Milk Thistle will reduce the impact of breakdown products of alcohol on the liver, and succinic acid contributes to the processing of alcohol.
Widely used milk Thistle to prevent liver disease that alcohol affects in the first place. Therefore, it is a plant introduced in the composition. Drug treatment recommended for use after cleansing the colon.
This tool can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, and to relieve hangover symptoms you need to dissolve 3 pills in water.
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Morning Care

The drink, made from herbs, invented in South Korea. When you use reduces the degree of intoxication, decrease the negative symptoms of a hangover.
Pharmacologists have positioned it more as a recovery tool after a whirlwind of holidays, not as a hangover cure. Remedy relieve nausea, improve the condition, will remove bad breath and relieve the thirst.
In 2015, the herbal hangover remedy started to produce in Russia. Best taken before and after drinking alcohol.


Piel-Alko contains vitamins b and C, and a set of necessary minerals to restore vitality after consuming alcoholic beverages.
Calcium lactate restores the cardiovascular system, relieve dizziness and tremor. Glucose in combination with vitamins, normalizes the work of organs, and have a tonic effect.
In order to effectively remove the effects of a hangover, two capsules should be taken before alcohol consumption and two before bedtime.


Most of the tools act as sorbents, bringing the body of harmful substances formed by the breakdown of alcohol. "Antipohmelin" slows down the process of formation of such poisons.
It eases the effects of alcohol, removing the discomfort. The drug does not form acetaldehyde, which is the main cause of a hangover.
Antipohmelin is widely used abroad. Properties to hangover received high marks from both professionals and consumers.


The basis of the "Alkaline" is glutargin, which reduces the negative impact of alcohol on the liver.
Glutargin promotes rapid recycling of toxic substances in the liver, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Available as tablets and in the form of soluble powder. Different packaging equally effective. Dose making Alkaline depends on the amount of alcohol consumed.


Herbal remedy produced in India, reduces the effects of alcohol intoxication.
It contains chicory, emblika officinalis, an extract from grapes and date palm fruits. This plant tones the body, relieves unpleasant sensations such as dizziness, nausea, trembling of the body.
To prevent a hangover you should drink two capsules before making alcoholic beverages at any time during the reception of alcohol and for two in the morning.


Biological additives are versatile actions that can be applied before and after drinking alcohol.
Components that are part of the "VEGA+" have a complex effect on the body, easily removes painful sensations after heavy drinking.
VEGA+ is compatible with any food, but a liquid extract can be added to alcoholic beverages, which will reduce their harmful effects on the body.

Stand up

In the Russian formulation includes ginseng, rosehip extract, citric acid, thyme and St. John's wort. Just one pill in the morning to "get up" I lifted you on your feet.
The recipe is based on folk remedies that are easy to remove the discomfort of a hangover, and therefore got such a funny name.
Complex structure will improve the functioning of the heart, liver, and relieve tremor. After applying disappear discomfort in the abdomen and headache.


Produce the pharmacists of Ukraine, but it found its consumers in the former Soviet space.
The composition is not very different from the traditional anti-hangover drugs. Along with aspirin, and soda is part of the "Alka-Prim" added glycine. Used as a pain reliever for a hangover remedy.
The drug relieves thirst and nausea. Decreases the alcohol level in the blood. The glycine added to the composition of the "Alka-prima", will restore the nervous system.

The my periodic sharpening

Versatile tool, wide exposure easily eliminates the effects of a hangover, and is also used for the treatment of alcoholism.
Components of the drug reduce the influence of poisons generated in the period of adoption alcoholic beverages. Stabilizes the health, the work of all organs and the nervous system.
"My periodic sharpening" toxic, has no side effects, therefore only recommended for severe hangovers after drinking bouts. Before application it is better to consult a doctor.


The name of the drug indicates that it is created based on the synthesis of citric and succinic acid. Both components have proven themselves with a good hand to combat a hangover.
"Limontar" helps to overcome the negative effects of alcohol consumption, improve the metabolism. The drug stimulates breathing of cells and metabolism process.
Citric, and succinic acid, the natural components of the organism, but because it is not a cure, but "biotic". It effectively to restore health, improve liver and heart.

 Zinal pro

Biologically active food Supplement invented by an Italian pharmacologists. It is created based on plant extracts. It is used to relieve severe consequences of alcohol abuse.
"Basis" is used for the prevention and treatment of alcoholism. In the product includes many components. The composition has an active algae — spirulina and Chlorella.
The amount of drug used depends on the amount of drinks consumed, usually 2 to 4 capsules.


Scientists continue the search for the universal remedy, but until such drugs are not invented. Pharmacology has developed a wide range of drugs to prevent and avoid hangover. But if you want to keep health, it is better not to abuse alcohol, did not have to buy and drink hangover drugs.
Author: Valery Skiba