top 5 reasons why the perfectionist to become an entrepreneur

Perfectionists have very high demands to myself and to others. They approach their work responsibly and do not act until you double-check even the smallest detail. It is important that everything was perfect. Sometimes they may even irritate others because they expect excellence from their colleagues.

When a perfectionist decides he no longer wants to be a salaried employee, and is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, he can begin some difficulties with his personality traits. They to some extent may hinder the achievement of success. Five pitfalls that await the perfectionists, wanting to become entrepreneurs:

The belief that all you need to do it yourself

Perfectionists believe that only they can perform a particular task perfectly properly. Because of this, they work in two directions. If they have a team, they control every step that is made by the staff. It will be very tiring.
They do not hire, do not delegate because they have to control every aspect of their business. It takes a very long time. The main problem lies in the fact that as business expansion will expand the task list. At some point they will face a shortage of time and effort. This means that some tasks will be done not quite right, and this is for the perfectionist like death.
We must admit that nobody can be "perfect" in all aspects of the business. The perfectionist must learn to entrust the management of some parts of the business to other people.
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They are not able to accept feedback

A perfectionist believes that only he can "make it right". So when they encounter negative feedback, their protection is immediately activated.
Such people find it difficult to admit his weakness. Most entrepreneurs turns for advice to others, developing your business plan. Perfectionists, as a rule, do not seek advice, believing that only they can make your business work. They aim to develop the perfect product or service, regardless of how much time it may take.
One of the famous perfectionists is Steve jobs. He wanted to control the whole process of product development and insisted that every employee came to him for approval of all new components for innovative products. He was a staunch and well-known outbursts of anger, often firing employees at will. In the end it led to his dismissal from his own company. When he returned to Apple, he significantly transformed. Especially he revised his views on perfectionism when he was sick.

Perfectionism delays the start of the

When a perfectionist decides to work on himself, he develops a product or service, which, in his opinion, will all need. He develops a business plan and establishes the terms, as does most aspiring entrepreneurs.
The difference between an entrepreneur is a perfectionist, and ordinary entrepreneur is that the second ready to create an initial model, run the business based on this model, test, and make changes that will improve product feedback and sales statistics.
Perfectionist is not able to run any product. He is afraid of failure. There will always be something that can be improved. As a result, the launch has been postponed indefinitely.

The life of a perfectionist entrepreneur desbalanceada

Due to his obsession to do everything yourself and to be perfect, the perfectionist will find that it increases their working hours, spending almost every free hour on planning of business activities. In the end, they will sacrifice social, personal life, his family and other areas of life. They may begin to avoid even food and sleep, which often suffer from insomnia and chronic fatigue.
The work is for the perfectionist all my life. Sooner or later it will lead to burnout. And when that happens, there will be opportunities to work effectively. Among the signs of burnout is the inability to focus and forgetfulness. This is something that the perfectionist can not tolerate.
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Perfectionists lose creativity

One of the characteristics of entrepreneurs — a creative approach to problem solving. Thanks to creative thinking creates new products and services, improved existing, and developed new and effective marketing strategies.
When perfectionists so focused on these tasks and I'm afraid I can't do something perfectly, they lose the ability to think outside the box.


The point is not that perfectionists are unable to become successful entrepreneurs. The fact that they have to face a lot of difficulties. They need to recognize that not all can achieve the ideal and sometimes it is better to do something than to try to bring his idea to perfection. The perfectionist in order to become a successful entrepreneur, he needs to significantly change his worldview. Otherwise achieve success is not only difficult, but also the way this will be accompanied by health threats.