TOP 9 important reasons to eat an Apple a day

Surely you since childhood, insisted on the need to have an Apple every day. Apples are so popular not only in our country, in Britain, on this occasion, even there is a saying: "Eat an Apple before bedtime, and you leave the doctors without a job". Science also supports this idea. In this article you will learn 9 reasons why you should eat at least an Apple a day, which proved as medical research and common sense.

Apples slow down the aging

We can't affect some of the processes of aging, from the genes to get rid of. On the other — and this is good news — we can "veto". Scientists are not tired to find a way to slow down the aging process, regardless of the gene pool. A new study has shown that some flavonoids(compounds in vegetables and fruits) have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics.
Scientists have found that fisetin that are in abundance in apples, persimmons, strawberries, onions and cucumbers, can have on the body huge impact. According to the researchers, mice that are "fed" these foods lived longer. Later tests were carried out on human adipose tissue, and that's what they showed. As stated by Professor of the University of Minnesota, fisetin able to improve the overall health even in old age, contributing to increased life expectancy. Here you rejuvenating Apple!

Apples are enriched with digestible fiber

For healthy digestion and lower cholesterol, you should follow a diet high in fiber. Proven that fiber reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, it protects from obesity and diverticulitis. One Apple with the peel contains about 4.4 grams of digestible fiber. Depending on age, the amount of fiber is 15% of the required daily allowance.

Apples reduce the risk of asthma

Research in the UK, with the participation of 1,500 people, and similar studies in Australia (1600 participants) has shown that apples stabilize the condition of the lungs, reducing the risk of developing asthma. Scientists have found that eating 5 apples a week helps to gain most momentum for strengthening respiratory health.

Apples great thirst quencher

Did you know that apples are 86% water? If you are looking for ways on how to avoid dehydration, it does not want to consume liters of water, grab a hard Apple to refresh in the middle of the day.

Apple juice is a universal remedy for all

Since ancient times Apple juice were used as natural means from all kinds of ailments. It muted the pain in my throat, treating heartburn and "chased" so much as a hiccup.
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Apples necessary for weight loss

To understand this, it is not necessary to have seven spans in a forehead. Apples are fruit, they contain no fats or artificial ingredients. As mentioned above, they are extremely rich in fiber and water. Therefore, common sense should tell you — having a preference to apples instead of that bag of chips or candy, you make more reasonable step in relation to a balanced diet, which will lead to weight reduction. Don't believe, here's another research result. Women who ate three apples a day are more prone to weight loss than women who do not do it.

Apples contain low calories

On average, each Apple contains about 90 calories (in this case size matters). This is another evidence of the exceptional utility of apples for people struggling with excess weight.
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They contain huge amount of minerals and vitamins

In Apple contains about 5% of the daily value of vitamin B6 and approximately 15% of the required amount of vitamin C. in addition, it will provide you 2% daily value of vitamin A and calcium and iron. And 195 milligrams of potassium contained in one medium-sized Apple, is 6% of daily value needed for an adult.

They are tasty and varied

Prepare Apple sauce, applesauce or Apple jelly. Make a pie from apples or Apple pie. Try apples of all colors ranging from red and yellow and ending with green. Add the apples to the dish with chicken or pork, or use sliced fruit as toppings. In the end, eat a pickled Apple. Don't want to delve into cooking — try the crispy fruit as it is in natural form.


Most important: regardless of the method of use of the apples, leave the peel — it has all the most useful!